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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy Saturday!

We had a busy busy day today! Once we were up and ready, we headed to the Marine Corps base to pay a bill and pick up the new bag for my camera. We stopped by Ross on the way home to get Kevin some new dress pants and a couple of dress shirts. I saw quite a few things I would like to get for the house there (what a shocker. lol), and I plan on going back some time this week after all of our bills are paid to get a couple of things I had my eye on. For lunch, we decided to eat at the shrimp trucks down in Hale'iwa. These trucks are really well known, and their food is delicious! It was Kevin's first time eating there, and he really liked it!
The rest of the afternoon was spent reading/watching the second to last Harry Potter movie (Kevin) and creating a menu planner/grocery list for the next two weeks (me). I only got a full weeks worth of stuff written down--its harder than I thought! I want to mix up our meals and not have the same things all of the time, but we are staying on a budget too, and I dont want to have to load up my cart with all of these exotic ingredients that I'm only going to use rarely. Such a challenge! I'm really excited to get into the swing of things and save some serious money!
Also, Kevin and I talked about going home for Christmas, and since he isnt deploying, we may not be going home for Christmas. With me not being able to get a job yet, and the price of airline tickets at 1200 bucks or higher per ticket, we may not be able to afford to go home until a little later. I am really bummed out, because *Oh boy, I never thought I would say this* I NEED some time away from this island! Plus, I miss my family and want to see my 9-1/2 neices and nephews (1/2 because one is still baking!). Kevin wants to see the family too, so we are going to try and see what we can do. *sigh* stupid airline fares...
Tomorrow, we are planning on going to the beach at some point in the day. It's Sunday, so its sleep in day here at the Buzuleciu house. Even the cats sleep in on Sundays! Other than the beach, who knows what will happen :)

*I know I promised you guys some pictures (and I took more today), but I am getting really tired, and I spent a TON of time on the meal planner thing today, so I will try and get those uploaded ASAP*

In the meantime, I've got a date with my pillow starting now--midnight is WAYYYY past this old lady's bedtime!!!

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