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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marriage Retreat-Day One and an amazing suprise!!

No, I'm not pregnant :(

While we were packing for the marriage retreat, Kevin and I started talking about budgeting. Well, I brought up the fact that I was going to try to start budgeting even more because I wanted to save for the Nikon D90 I've had my eye on for months. Well, Kevin said that we have done such a good job of budgeting the last couple of months, so why don't we just go pick up the camera today. Say what?!?!?!?!?! So on our way to the marriage retreat, we stopped by the PX, and now, I'm the proud owner of this baby!

Cell pic
So, of course I start pulling stuff out of the box and putting it together! Once I got it all together and ready to go, I started snapping away. Here is my very first picture :)

 Isn't my subject a stud??

Anyway, once we got to the hotel, we had some time to check in with the marriage retreat coordinators and get our room key. The event is being paid for by the Army, so we were expecting to get just a regular old room. When we walked in our room, this is what I saw:

Somehow, we had scored a deluxe oceanfront room! The view is breathtaking, and I almost cried, y'all!
Once we were checked in and settled, we went down to dinner at a place called Bibas, where we had a wonderful dinner!
This camera is awesome! I didnt have to do much with this photo, I just added cross process and my name.
Yeah, I'm in love with our new toy!!! I'm excited to read more about it and become more familiar with the features. Words cannot express my utter love and appreciation for this awesome gift Kevin has given me!My pictures will get better as I learn the camera, but the first few shots arent half bad!!
Tomorrow, we will be in classes all day as part of our marriage retreat. Tonights class was pretty cool, so I think we are going to have a fun time!


  1. We met my grandparents at Bibas while they were vacationing here (he's an army vet). I hope the retreat is wonderful, enjoy your new camera!