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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve


Hello folks! Well, another year down! So much has happened in this year alone for Kevin and I, I will summarize :) When 2010 started, he and I were freshly engaged, starting to plan a wedding, and preparing for Kevin to get promoted and to get word on where he would be stationed next. We were convinced that we would get Germany, but in the second week of the new year, we found out that wasnt happening. Then Kevin found out he made points and was promoted to SSG! By the end of January, he was in the hallway and his re-enlistment person told him we were now bound for beautiful Hawaii! The first part of the year was preparing for our wedding and getting things organized for our big move! At the beginning of May, I said sayonara to my job of almost 8 years. On June 12th, Kevin and I were married, and it was the happiest day of my life :) We enjoyed a few days in Ohio before coming home and preparing for the movers to come. The last 2 months before PCS were really busy, but it wasnt too bad!! For the most part, I felt prepared :)
On September 9th, we were up verrrrrry early to catch a plane to our new home for the next 3 years. The first few weeks here in Hawaii were very busy, but we managed to have some fun! After only one month in the hotel, we got issued a house that we absolutely love! November saw a ton of birthdays (including mine and Kevins), and our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. Now that the holidays are over, we are looking forward to a fun, adventurous, and prosperous 2011!  I do have a few resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, but I will touch on those tomorrow. I will say that the one thing Kevin and I want more than anything for the upcoming year is to be able to expand our family, so fingers crossed that we will go into 2012 with 3 instead of 2 :) I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year celebrations!
Tomorrow, Kevin and I are planning on going to the beach if its 1) a nice day, and 2) Im feeling better. I dont think Im even going to make it to midnight sadly :(

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Busy morning, sore afternoon!


Yep, that pretty much sums it up haha
This morning I was feeling a little better so I decided to go ahead and attend spin class this morning. I just had to cool down a few minutes before the rest of the class because Kevin had an appointment at Tripler at 1030 so I had to run back home, freshen up, change, and out the door we went. The appointment went pretty great! The doc discussed the results of Kevins MRI (for his pituitary) and theres nothing to be concerned with (i.e., tumors, growths, etc.)! That was awesome news, since the brain is nothing to mess with :) After the appointment we were starving, so we went down to Pearlridge mall and ate at Moes. Ahhh how I love Moes! I must have worked up quite an appetite at the gym this morning, because I finished an entire regular sized Homewrecker burrito! This one had kalua pork in it, yum! If you ever get a chance to come out to Hawaii, you MUST try Kalua pork--its delicious!!
Anyway, the burritos gave us the 'itis, plus I was incredibly sore from the gym, so we came home, took a shower, and have been vegging out on the couch ever since! We were going to go out and do some things this afternoon, but with Kevin being sore from PT yesterday (the 1SG made them walk/jog up Kolekole pass....backwards.) we just decided to hang out at home!. Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and we are tentatively planning on hanging out with some friends from Kevins unit, but we will see! I know that during the day Im planning on going to Walmart to pick up some things we need, plus Im editing just a few more pictures from our wedding and the last few months to get them printed and put in their respective frames. Im planning on making our walls a little less naked this weekend :) I hope everyone enjoys their New Year celebrations, but please--if you drink, dont drive! Happy New Year folks!!! :)


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This morning I decided to try my hand at cardio kickboxing again because my hip has been behaving lately. Well that, and I skipped the gym Monday and Tuesday. The last time I attended a kickboxing class at the gym, I didnt finish it because it was too hard on my hip. Ive been apprehensive about trying it again, but today I just told myself that I wouldnt push it too hard, and that I would see what I could do and what I couldnt do. I ended up completing the class, and my hip hurt about as much as it does at the end of step class yay! I will be going back next week :) After the gym, I found out (through Facebook) that Kevins company was having a suprise lunch and wives were invited. Well, apparently very little notice was given, so exactly 2 wives showed up--me, and Samantha (wife of one of the Sgts in Kevins company). Anyway, we sat and talked for like 3 hours until the guys got off of work (it was a half day today!!). She is a pretty cool chick, and we have a beach date planned for next week when the guys are off doing various work things. It hasnt been set in stone, but we may hang out for New Year's too because neither one of us really drinks and parties.
After the guys got released for the day, Kevin and I came home, where he proceeded to take a nap :) I remembered that I needed to get my prescription from the pharmacy, so while Kevin was snoring napping I headed across the street. Some good news: no more potholes on the entrance lane to Schofield !!! I was kinda tired of playing "dodge the potholes" everytime I came across the street for something. It was so bad this past week that I just decided to turn onto Kunia road and go down the street and to the left through the main entrance to post (not far). If youre one of my readers that lives here, you know what I mean and its very exciting news lol
Thankfully there was no one at the pharmacy so I got right in and out, and the whole trip only took me 30 minutes. Thank goodness, because when I returned home I developed a headache and my head feels really stuffy. Blah, it better be gone by tomorrow morning because I want to go to spin!! So Ive had dinner and Im heading to bed now, good night yall :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Hello to my new followers!!! Glad you could stop in to our little corner of the blogosphere :)

That pretty much sums up my day! This morning Kevin took the car to work, so I stayed home. For some reason, my body decided that getting up and eating breakfast at 730 wasnt cool, so after Kevin left I passed back out on the couch until like 945! Weird....
After I got up for the day, I cleaned the laundry room, and straightened up our bedroom. I was going to clear out our first guest room to start working on the wall hangings for Kevins "Man Room", but I didnt feel like it lol. Today wasnt very exciting, but we did go to the auto parts store to get a new battery for Betty Jeep this afternoon! That means I have my car back :) Tomorrow, I plan on going to the gym in the morning and trying out the kickboxing class. My hip has been feeling pretty good lately, so Im pretty excited to try something new. Hopefully its not toooooooo intense! Plus, Ive skipped the gym for the last two days, so Ive got to go and get some type of workout! Should be an adventure :)
Because Ive been struggling with insomnia lately, and I have to get up kinda early tomorrow, Im heading to bed right after we eat dinner (which should be ready in like 5 minutes). More tomorrow!!!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Rain rain go away.....

.....come back the day after we PCS outta here! Seriously, this rain is bummin' me out.
This morning I wanted to go to the gym, but I remember my step instructor saying she wasnt going to be there today, so I decided to finish laundry and clean the bathrooms. I just want to say that scrubbing the tub is my least favorite thing to do. While I was cleaning, Kevin decided to head over to Starbucks then the Ed center. Well, he ran into an old friend from Ft Eustis in the PX and they talked for quite awhile, so by the time he got his coffee and headed out, it was ridiculously pouring outside. He called me and told me that he was going to stay at the PX til the rain slacked off. The rain finally slowed so he headed over to the jeep and........Betty wouldnt start. At all. This has been happening a few times lately but usually after the third or fourth try, she starts up. So poor Kevin was stranded :( No fear though, I quickly made my way over there to "rescue" him! We gave ol' Betty Jeep a jump and she started back up. So now we are certain that its the battery going dead and not the alternator. After Kevin went in to work for a bit, we headed down to the Navy Exchange, the auto parts store, and Walmart to find a battery. The average price for the battery Betty needs? 90 bucks! Eeeeeek. We are going to try some other places tomorrow to do some more price comparisons.
You know what that means---Kevin is taking S.S.Sebring to work tomorrow = No spin class for Jen :( I really wanted to go to spin tomorrow too! Grrr dang Jeep >:( The crazy thing is, Ive gotten all of my chores done for the week, so the only thing Im going to do tomorrow is maybe some arts and crafts, and continue editing the mass of pictures from our wedding among other folders so I can order the Shutterfly calendar I want, as well as some prints for our photo collages! The photo project should take up alot of time, but I really wanted to get some type of workout in tomorrow! Oh well, maybe I will bust out the old Wii Fit!!! The boxing exercises make me sweat :)
Tonight is the second night in a row I havent had to cook...yipeee!!!! The kitchen is still clean :^D
Im going to call it a fairly early evening tonight, since insomnia reared its ugly head last night...even after I took my pill (?). I think I just have too much energy at the end of the night. Kevin and I were talking about it and figured out that my insomnia usually stops by if I havent gone to the gym that day (of course, it has come when I have gone that day, but thats not as common as if I havent gone). I also take a shower at night, so I can take one with Kevin (sorry if thats TMI hehe), but I get a burst of energy after I take a shower so that may also play a role. Hmmph, I hope I get this under control!
Anyway, Ive babbled on enough for one evening :) Good night all!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day after Christmas :)

Today we were planning on going snorkeling, but decided not to, because it looked pretty gloomy out. Instead, Kevin played his video game and I chatted with my BFF and my mom for most of the morning. The hot topic this morning? The snow! Hampton Roads, Va (the area Im from) recieved anywhere from 10-18 inches of snow today!!! This is a big deal since the average snowfall in that area is 3-6 inches anytime it snows. I hate the cold, but I do love snow! My mom sent me some pictures of her yard this morning

This picture was taken at like 10am EST
I have no idea whats up with the green and pink tint. It was taken from moms phone and she doesnt have the best camera on it! It snowed even more after the picture was taken!!! Im kinda sad we missed this because I would have loved to meet up with the neice and nephew and make snowmen :) I grabbed some other pics from my area too, they are on my facebook page!
On this side of the world, it was overcast,but warm of course. I didnt venture out one time today!!! I decided to edit some photos, and tinker around on the computer today. I also finished cleaning the kitchen (Kevin took all of the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, and placed the dirty ones in-thanks love!) and did the laundry. Tonight was leftovers for dinner :) Speaking of leftovers, a couple of pictures from dinner last night!

The apple pie came out PERFECT!!!

We had (from L to R) green beans, dinner rolls, stuffing, ham, and homemade mashed potatoes
Tomorrow Im going to the gym at my regular time. I *heard* there was no step class, but I think the instructor said that she wouldnt be teaching Mondays class. Im not sure if they have a backup instructor, I hope they do! If not, Im still going to work out for an hour! After the gym I plan on going home and cleaning cleaning cleaning! Ive been super lazy when it comes to the bathrooms, so they are getting some TLC. I will probably give the cats a bath tomorrow, as I found a flea on Mia yesterday. Yeah, Im not too happy about that! Once payday comes, Kevin and I are going to get them some advantage (that stuff is awesome!) to make sure those pesky fleas stay away!!! Im also planning on mopping the floors because my kitchen floor just cant stay clean for 3 days (annoying.). Anyways, tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day! Hopefully I will get done with my house stuff early enough to browse the after Christmas sales @ the exchange!

Good night everyone :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Last night we stayed at the friends house a little later than we 230am later! Once we got home, I wasnt able to go to sleep because the cats kept getting in the Christmas tree! So much for my faith in them  :(  Blah whatever, I tried to go to sleep but by 630am I just went downstairs and started editing photos. I was on the phone with my mom when Kevin got up, so I finished up the conversation with her and started my day with Kevin. I really enjoyed opening each others gifts :) Kevin got me a new hand mixer, a tripod for my camera, a Corvette (hehe the matchbox kind--he knows the 'Vette is my favorite car ever so I really liked this gift!),and....feetie pajamas!!! I have been wanting some for years because theyre just so awesome! The top part fit okay but I have big ol' childbearin' hips (as my mom jokes) so the bottom part was kinda snug. Im just afraid it will shrink in the dryer, so we are exchanging it for a bigger size. I got Kevin his over the door pullup bar he wanted, the 5th season of Futurama (his favorite show) on DVD, a video game, a new mini mag light he has been wanting, a starbucks gift card, and some chocolates and candy in his stocking. We didnt get each other many gifts because 1, I got my kindle and he got his expensive tool set before Christmas, and 2, the kids in our lives put a big dent in the bank account! It was worth it because  they really loved their new stuff!! :)
After breakfast, opening presents and giving the furchildren their gifts, we headed out to the beach! Here are a few pictures from our day!

The tree always stays on all night on Christmas Eve

Our stockings....dont you just love the "Meow" stockings for Mia and Wyatt?

Kevin and his new multigym he wanted!

One of the kitties' toys...they LOVE these things! The 2 I got for them this year would make 5 total that they have gone through!

Mia's FAVORITE cat food ever!!

Wyatt just loves his new feather teaser toy! Mia got a matching one in purple!

My fun new Christmas socks!!!

Merry Christmas from the Buzuleciu's!

It was soooooooo nice to be able to go out to the beach and just relax! I fell asleep on my lawn chair heehee. Oh I almost forgot! On our way down to Hickam beach, we spotted this just hanging out on the runway...Im very fortunate to have gotten a great shot!

Recognize this particular plane??? This big mamma jamma belongs to none other than President Barack Obama!
I cant beleive I was able to get so close to Air Force One! I had to put my hand around a fence, but I got a couple of really nice pictures :) We knew that The POTUS was in town (I think in Kapolei-like less than 15 minutes from our house!) visiting his family for Christmas, but we were kinda suprised to see AFOne so close to a main road! Very cool :) Although Im not sure I was supposed to take them, I just found a gap in the fence. I half expected secret service to come out and say something, but Mr. President was nowhere near the aircraft so no one said anything. Its cool though, its just Kevins boss' plane, no biggie :P

We had a wonderful afternoon, the rain held off at the beach until we left, and Christmas dinner was really yummy! I will have pictures of that and my first homemade pie tomorrow for you guys. I really dont want to reload my camera contents on the computer right now. Im starting to shut down finally (no sleep last night!)!
Tomorrow Kevin wants to go snorkeling if the weather is nice, so I may have some more pics for you tomorrow!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday :) I do realize alot of my bloggie friends are going through the annoyance that is deployment, and Ive been thinking about you today hoping that youre enjoying yourselves as much as possible with your loved ones gone. It just makes me that more thankful that Kevin is able to be home to celebrate the holidays this year, especially since its the first one of us being married! Big hugs girls, and hoping for a safe and speedy return for your heroes :)


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas, friends and family on the east coast! This morning I let Kevin open one of his presents, which happened to be from our furchildren. Kevin loves the movie "A Christmas Story" and didn't Have a copy so the kitties "got" it for him! I can't wait for him to open his other presents tomorrow :)
Today was a very relaxing day, we didn't get out of the house til like 330 when we went to the grocery store for stuff to make homemade apple pie (yum). After that we went to one of Kevins coworkers house and that's where We are now believe it or not! tomorrow are going to open presents, Go the beach, and cook a ham dinner, its going to be a good day! I hope everyone has a great Christmas :)
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still getting used to Hawaii weather.

Its December 23rd and I wore a short sleeved shirt and shorts all day today. I know its a tropical climate here but its still weird to be dressed in summer attire. Im not complaining though :P
This morning was a little unordinary. I came downstairs to eat breakfast before heading over to spin class. I was already trying to eat fast because instead of getting up at 710 like I wanted, I didnt roll out of bed til like 728. So as Im eating, the doorbell like 735. Who in the world is ringing the doorbell at this hour?? I asked Kevin to answer it. It turned out to be the lady he talked to yesterday about the water pressure in our house being sucky low. So she and her contractor guy came in to check the pipes and what not. They told us that the Army had specifically requested them to put water regulators on all of the faucets so that right there is the cause of our low pressure. Long story short is that we ended up taking apart our showerhead to maximize pressure. It worked and we now have decent pressure yay! It was so nice to take a shower today and take less than a couple minutes to rinse the soap out of my hair!! Thanks for the tip water pressure dude! :) Well, by this time, I hadnt finished my breakfast and ran downstairs to scarf the rest down. I zoomed upstairs to get ready and still didnt make it out of the house til 10 after 8. Instead of getting in my car and rushing over to the gym, we had to find water pressure lady because her car was completely blocking me in (eyeroll). I wasnt too angry though, she moved it pretty quickly and off I went! Thank goodness for the day off for most of the post, because otherwise I would have been much later than the 2 minutes I already was. I did make it in time for pre class stretch so I was happy. Let me tell yall, I sweated my booty off in that class today! The instructor on Thursdays is a different person than the one on Tuesdays, and she barely gave us any recovery time between songs! She also does waaaayyy more getting out of the seat than Katie (Tuesday lady) so I was about 85% in the class today vs. like 99% on Tuesdays! I did do the best I could and got an amazing workout anyway!
After the gym, Kevin was hungry, so we showered and headed down to Charleys subs on post (plus I wandered over to Starbucks for my latest addiction, the Caramel Brulee Frappuccino). After lunch we went to Lowes to pick up some white paint (you guys will see what that was for tomorrow!)
Once we got out of there,it was POURING down rain so we hung around the shopping center hoping the rain would pass quickly. It did not (eyeroll) so we went home. Kevin said he was kind of sleepy so he went upstairs to take a nap and I wrapped his last gift :)
Now dinner is done and we are about to watch the new Family Guy Star Wars spoof "Its a Trap!". Ahh we do love our Family Guy! The best thing about getting that Blu Ray disc? Kevin had a gift card he needed to use from like August, so it was FREE!
Tomorrow we are planning to hang out with some friends from Kevins company! After that? I have no idea! I do know I need to prep the ham for cooking on Saturday evening! Good night folks!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Officially Done....

....Christmas shopping! I picked up the rest of Kevins gifts today (and wrapped them), and while I spent way more money than I should have, I know he's going to love what I got him! I cant wait for him to open his presents on Saturday :)
I also went to the commissary this afternoon-- Im proud to say I spent less than 40 bucks and was in and out in under a half hour! Thats some kind of record for me haha
After my grocery store trip, I headed home and made some sugar cookies! They were delicious too :) Kevin had a half day, so we spent much of the afternoon together. He went out to finish shopping for me today while I was at the grocery store so we could maximize our time together. He is off tomorrow, but I have spin class in the morning so no sleeping in for me :( I just keep reminding myself that the end result is going to be awesome :)
Speaking of sleeping, I took one of the pills the doctor gave me yesterday for my insomnia. My official review? It made me fall asleep rather quickly, and I stayed asleep almost all night, but it took me a bit to get out of bed because I felt kinda groggy and had a little headache. Will I take it again? Probably, but only on nights I have a hard time falling asleep or nights I absolutely have to get 8 hours or more. Tonight Im feeling pretty sleepy naturally so I dont think I will need the extra boost.
Other than spin class in the morning, I plan on cleaning the downstairs floors and dethawing the ham so that I can marinate it in brown sugar on Friday. Kevin and I may go out and do something, but I have a feeling tomorrow will be spent closer to home.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yay the sun finally came out!

Well, it came out later in the afternoon, but I saw it!! The sunshine always puts me in a better mood. Not that I wasnt in a great mood today because I was :)
This morning I started my day with some breakfast and spin class. I worked pretty hard, but I didnt overdo it like I mustve done last week. After spin, I had that doc appointment about the insomnia. It went pretty well! The doc gave me some info on insomnia and ways to overcome it. I also got a prescription which I hope will help! So yay! I was going to go shopping after the appointment, but Kevin had to get his sticker from the auto skills shop and it was well after 3 so I just decided to do it tomorrow since Im not going to the gym. All in all I was feeling pretty good today! Plus I got to talk to my mom which is always awesome :)
Other than the shopping, Im going to spiffy up the bathrooms, dust upstairs, and paint some picture frames. I may get some prints done from our wedding as well. Sorry the post was short and lame, we didnt do too much today :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a typical (rainy) Monday

This morning I got up and headed to step class. I was really excited about it too because with doc appointments, among other things, I havent been going to the gym as much as I should be. Step class was great---until about 5 minutes before we started cooling down. Someone decided it would be fun/cool to pull the fire alarm. So with heart rates fully up and in peak workout mode, we all had to stop abruptly and go outside. I hate when I have to stop working out so quickly without proper cooldown because then I get a nagging headache. Anyway, the fire dept came and ruled that it was a false alarm, so we all headed back in to at least stretch before any of us left. That was my little gym adventure this morning! Oh and Im bummed because from what I understand, theres no Monday step class until Jan 3rd :(
After the gym, I cam home to start on my Monday housecleaning. At the mailbox, I ran into one of my neighbors who told me that they were having water pressure problems as well as water heater issues. If I havent mentioned this already, our water pressure wasnt the worlds greatest to begin with, but in the last week our water pressure has gone down by at least 50%. Combine that with semi warm showers because our water heater is run off of solar panels on the top of our house (its been gloomy for the last 2 days so itrs not replenishing!) and youve got a couple of pretty cranky Buzuleciu's!! Our neighbor mentioned that he has complained to management, but nothing got done. What a shocker. We complained too and our maintenance guy told us everything looks good to him! Whatever Im calling again tomorrow as well as sending an email. If they dont fix the pressure and the water heater, we are calling JAG. No water pressure means 30 minutes just to wash the soap out of my hair, my dishes in the dishwasher dont get clean, and it takes longer to do laundry. No hot water means no hot showers, and no hot water for the dishwasher. Yeah, we are frustrated.
Sorry for the vent!
I did get my cleaning done today, just washed the laundry in cold and vaccumed/dusted. I tried not to use hot water so that maybe we can have a hot shower tonight (eyeroll).
Tomorrow Ive got spin class in the morning, followed by a doctor appointment in the afternoon for that pesky insomnia thing. Im also planning to go to walmart to get a few more gifts for Kevin :)

*Oh, and this may be TMI but Aunt Flow came today. Kevin and I are pretty sad because this may mean my tube closed back up. If youre a new reader and dont know whats up with the above statement, Kevin and I have been trying to conceive for the last year and a half and recently found out my tubes were blocked through a test they did. Well, they were able to open one during the test but didnt know how long it would stay open. Hopefully its still open but we will see. Its still pretty frustrating :(

Good night folks!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not the Sunday I had hoped for...

We got up this morning with going to the beach as our main plan. Well when we got up, this is what we saw

It was like this all day long (dang rain). Oh well, we just decided to stay in the house today and relax. Kevin played his video game, and I tried to win a 90% off Dyson Vaccuum (I still dont know if I won, waiting up to 6 hours for an email is driving me insane!). Other than that, Kevin is still on flag detail, so I decided to go with him at 5 to take some pictures of their little ceremony they do to take the flag down for the evening.

Kevin is on the far left

This picture is my favorite...again, Kevins on the far left :)

It was windy and the flag was drenched so it wasnt cooperating

Folding her up

Kevin is inspecting the flag making sure its all folded up correctly

...and off they go, marching into the sunset across the street to put the flag away for the night
I saw this ceremony yesterday and I decided to take pictures because its neat to watch. There are certain commands Kevin had to give through the whole process. They even have to lower the flag 40 seconds (no faster) to match the retreat music. Its all choreographed! He says raising the flag in the morning is also its own unique process, so I may go with him tomorrow morning and snap some more pictures :)
After the Retreat ceremony, we headed over to Starbucks to grab a caffeinated beverage and get out of the house a bit. Kevin wanted to go to Game Stop (his other favorite store-well besides 4 wheel parts haha). We got a game we have both been wanting for awhile-Red Dead Redemption for the PS3. I told Kevin that its going in his stocking ;)
Thankfully Kevin wanted chinese food for dinner so I didnt have to cook tonight!!
Tomorrow, Im going to step class, then off to Wally World to get a few more gifts for my sweet husband. We both got our main gifts early, but I want him to open some things on Christmas as well as have a full stocking :) For now, though, its off to watch The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, and American Dad-our favorite Sunday night shows! Good night y'all, hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming week!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Today was a pretty good day! We got up early to head to the hospital so that Kevin could get another MRI done.This experience was MUCH better!. Afterwards, we grabbed some chinese food, Kevin got a haircut, and we looked around the PX for a bit. Once we got home, Kevin put the skid plate on Betty Jeep and I continued to try to win a 90% coupon from Lowes (no luck :( ). I have a feeling they are going to be offering the Dyson vaccuum cleaner early tomorrow morning so Im getting up extra early!
Kevin is still on flag detail, so I went with him this afternoon for the Retreat. Its actually a pretty cool process and I plan on going with him tomorrow and taking some pictures.
Tomorrow we have *sorta* committed to going to the beach. I was pretty sad to find out that the Pro Surfing competition was over today :( A plus side to that is theres not going to be alot of traffic, and plenty of spots! Since the pros are gone from Bonzai Pipeline, we may head up to Turtle Bay. Have any of you folks in Hawaii ever been there? What was your experience??
Anyhow, more tomorrow (with pictures!)


Friday, December 17, 2010



My soreness went away today (finally!). Most of the morning was spent on facebook- the Lowes page specifically- trying to win a 90% off coupon for some cool stuff. I wanted the Kitchen Aid mixer but the contest started at 5am our local time, and they offered that item first (go figure), so I didnt have a chance. I didnt win anything else today either, boo. After lunchtime, I headed out shopping for some personal stuff and some stocking stuffers for Kevin. I got him some little things that he needs, as well as some fun stuff like chocolates, gift cards, etc. After a quick stop at the grocery store and back home, I headed down to 4 Wheel Parts to pick up the skid plate I ordered for Kevin. I then decided I have spent way too much money for one day, so I went home haha.
Tomorrow, Kevin has a doctor appointment at Tripler, another MRI, so its going to be an early day for me. I think Im just going to go with Kevin to his flag detail and head out from there. Heres hoping the MRI goes better than last time!! Goodnight folks!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

No spin, still sore!

I really really wanted to go to spin this morning but it was a huge (painful) effort just to get out of bed this morning. My muscles around my hips are still real sore for some reason. I dont feel I overdid it on Tuesday, but I havent been this sore since I first started going back to the gym on a regular basis 2 years ago. Its really baffling, and I spent most of the day on the couch because of it. Oh well, I did manage to get the kitchen cleaned, and I made ice cream cone cupcakes (which are delicious by the way!). Oh, and I mailed out the rest of the Christmas cards :)
Most of my day on the couch was spent on playing the Sims 2! I can spend days on end just buying stuff and decorating their houses, and shaping their lives--its an addiction :P Since Kevin came home late today, I just threw a pizza in the oven for dinner. Now we are watching Futurama and about to prepare for bed. I really hope Im back to normal tomorrow, because I would really love to go to the gym at some point, even if its just 30 mins on the elliptical :)
This weekend, Kevin has flag detail, but we are also planning to go to Banzai Pipeline, the final event of the Vans Triple Crown of surfing. It ends Dec 20th, so I hope we are able to check it out!