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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yay the sun finally came out!

Well, it came out later in the afternoon, but I saw it!! The sunshine always puts me in a better mood. Not that I wasnt in a great mood today because I was :)
This morning I started my day with some breakfast and spin class. I worked pretty hard, but I didnt overdo it like I mustve done last week. After spin, I had that doc appointment about the insomnia. It went pretty well! The doc gave me some info on insomnia and ways to overcome it. I also got a prescription which I hope will help! So yay! I was going to go shopping after the appointment, but Kevin had to get his sticker from the auto skills shop and it was well after 3 so I just decided to do it tomorrow since Im not going to the gym. All in all I was feeling pretty good today! Plus I got to talk to my mom which is always awesome :)
Other than the shopping, Im going to spiffy up the bathrooms, dust upstairs, and paint some picture frames. I may get some prints done from our wedding as well. Sorry the post was short and lame, we didnt do too much today :)

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