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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve


Hello folks! Well, another year down! So much has happened in this year alone for Kevin and I, I will summarize :) When 2010 started, he and I were freshly engaged, starting to plan a wedding, and preparing for Kevin to get promoted and to get word on where he would be stationed next. We were convinced that we would get Germany, but in the second week of the new year, we found out that wasnt happening. Then Kevin found out he made points and was promoted to SSG! By the end of January, he was in the hallway and his re-enlistment person told him we were now bound for beautiful Hawaii! The first part of the year was preparing for our wedding and getting things organized for our big move! At the beginning of May, I said sayonara to my job of almost 8 years. On June 12th, Kevin and I were married, and it was the happiest day of my life :) We enjoyed a few days in Ohio before coming home and preparing for the movers to come. The last 2 months before PCS were really busy, but it wasnt too bad!! For the most part, I felt prepared :)
On September 9th, we were up verrrrrry early to catch a plane to our new home for the next 3 years. The first few weeks here in Hawaii were very busy, but we managed to have some fun! After only one month in the hotel, we got issued a house that we absolutely love! November saw a ton of birthdays (including mine and Kevins), and our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. Now that the holidays are over, we are looking forward to a fun, adventurous, and prosperous 2011!  I do have a few resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, but I will touch on those tomorrow. I will say that the one thing Kevin and I want more than anything for the upcoming year is to be able to expand our family, so fingers crossed that we will go into 2012 with 3 instead of 2 :) I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year celebrations!
Tomorrow, Kevin and I are planning on going to the beach if its 1) a nice day, and 2) Im feeling better. I dont think Im even going to make it to midnight sadly :(

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