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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Busy morning, sore afternoon!


Yep, that pretty much sums it up haha
This morning I was feeling a little better so I decided to go ahead and attend spin class this morning. I just had to cool down a few minutes before the rest of the class because Kevin had an appointment at Tripler at 1030 so I had to run back home, freshen up, change, and out the door we went. The appointment went pretty great! The doc discussed the results of Kevins MRI (for his pituitary) and theres nothing to be concerned with (i.e., tumors, growths, etc.)! That was awesome news, since the brain is nothing to mess with :) After the appointment we were starving, so we went down to Pearlridge mall and ate at Moes. Ahhh how I love Moes! I must have worked up quite an appetite at the gym this morning, because I finished an entire regular sized Homewrecker burrito! This one had kalua pork in it, yum! If you ever get a chance to come out to Hawaii, you MUST try Kalua pork--its delicious!!
Anyway, the burritos gave us the 'itis, plus I was incredibly sore from the gym, so we came home, took a shower, and have been vegging out on the couch ever since! We were going to go out and do some things this afternoon, but with Kevin being sore from PT yesterday (the 1SG made them walk/jog up Kolekole pass....backwards.) we just decided to hang out at home!. Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and we are tentatively planning on hanging out with some friends from Kevins unit, but we will see! I know that during the day Im planning on going to Walmart to pick up some things we need, plus Im editing just a few more pictures from our wedding and the last few months to get them printed and put in their respective frames. Im planning on making our walls a little less naked this weekend :) I hope everyone enjoys their New Year celebrations, but please--if you drink, dont drive! Happy New Year folks!!! :)


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