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Monday, December 13, 2010

A case of the Mondays

Today was an early day for Kevin and I. He got up at 540 and I got up at 6, and headed down to Tripler for a couple of appointments Kevin had this morning. The first one was informative, and the 2nd one (MRI) we wish wouldve gone better. The folks at the MRI center were really annoying. First, Kevins doc asked that he get an MRI with contrast dye so that she could see a better picture. She was aware that he has allergies to the dye, so she had us run down to the pharmacy to get allergy medicine before getting the images taken. Then his doc recommended we ask for an additional MRI on his abdomen. This is when the receptionist told us that they really didnt have time for the scan he was originally getting (not understanding this--he had an appointment!) let alone another scan on his abdomen. Okay whatever, he will just make another appointment. Then the receptionist proceeded to argue with us about using the contrast dye. She kept saying he doesnt need it, but the doc wanted it used to get a better image. She really frustrated Kevin, and hes hesitant to go back in there again.
After the Tripler trip, we came home, Kevin had lunch, and went back to work. I napped for a bit because of this insomnia crap. I made an appointment to see my doc on the 21st so hopefully I can get back into a good sleep pattern. I was going to go shopping this afternoon, but I had to be home for the maintenance person to come by and help us figure out why our water pressure is low. He said it was normal. I disagree. Frustrating but whatever.
Tomorrow Im going to spin class, and heading to the store immediately after to finish shopping for the kids so that I can mail their boxes for Christmas. Then its off to do some house cleaning and laundry. With any luck tomorrow will be productive :)


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  1. I'm going to spin tomorrow! I hope I'll see you there!