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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What an exciting life I lead...

My life has been very uneventful as of late, except for the TTC thing/Kevin getting sick thing last week. Oh, speaking of the TTC thing, I received a call from my OB/GYN today and he told me some kinda sorta good news. We talked about last Thursdays events down at Tripler and he told me that there is a good chance my tube may stay open--however, they may have only gotten it open due to a spasm because I was awake during the HSG. Im hoping it just stays open. He also made me feel better by saying that there is still a way to open both tubes, but I would need to be put under anesthesia for that procedure. For now, though, he said to try this month and next (if necessary). If we dont conceive by end of January, he wants us to come in and get that other procedure done. Hey, we are willing to try everything :)
Today I went to spin class and had a great workout! My legs and booty were burning so bad at the end which made me super proud of myself! After the gym, I went to the commissary for some stuff. I was able to get there, get what I needed, and get home all during Kevins PT time slot so I got to relax with him a bit before he went to work this afternoon. After he left, I continued working on the design for this blog. The background is premade, but I did the header myself. I will also be doing the sidebar titles as well, but not tonight! What do you guys think of the header?? I like it, but Im not 100% happy with the way it turned out, so I may just re-do it.
As I was contemplating when to cook dinner, I got a text from Kevin saying that he had to fly over to the island of Molokai to assess a Blackhawk that broke down on the side of the road runway. He told me he wouldnt be home for dinner (boo) but hopefully he should be back on Oahu before his shift ends. I hope he isnt too late, poor guy only brought a snack to work with him, so I know he has to be starving! Lucky for him Im cooking spaghetti tonight (mmmmm.....carbs........). Anyway, that was my day! Uneventful....
Tomorrow I have no earthly idea what Im doing. Wednesday is my off day for the gym, but I might fire up the Wii Fitness and do some burning of the calories! I tell ya what though, I need to make some friends! Once the house is completely ready, I have a feeling Im going to be bored alot! Kevin even told me yesterday that he is worried that I will be excessively bored when he deploys... I sure hope not because thats not until 2012 and Im confident I will have a job and hang out buddies by then!! :)
Until tomorrow folks!



  1. You won't be bored, as long as you find something else to do! When I didn't work I kept myself super busy with all kinds of things. It was nice! I miss those days haha

  2. i like the page jen it looks great and i know you wont get bored you have projects you havent finshed yet like the desk mmm what happened to that?iam glad the doc gave you guys good news me and jody and tim got our fingers and toes crossed well at least jody and tim got the toes crossed lol i love you and miss you iam off work on monday so call ya mom

  3. I think your page looks really cute!