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Saturday, December 4, 2010

An appointment and a little Christmas shopping

Todays post will be much better! Kevin was feeling back to normal this morning, which makes me very happy. He had an appointment at Tripler this morning just before noon, so we got ready and headed on down to the hospital. After the appointment, we wanted to do a little Christmas shopping over at the NEX. For some reason, I just wasnt into it. We went anyway though and I started feeling better :) I think my annoyance with Christmas stems from my last job as a customer service rep for UPS. This would have been my 9th Christmas season with them had I stayed. 8 years of complaining, griping people mad because their package wasnt going to arrive in time for Christmas when they waited until the last minute to order it just took its toll on me, and Christmas became just a day off. Hopefully I can get back into the holiday spirit I once so loved!
Anyway, we picked up some stuff for our awesome neices and nephews, and plan on doing more shopping throughout the week! We spent most of our time in the baby/toddler section. Little ones have such cute clothes these days and it was hard choosing what to get! We talked about how much fun it would be shopping for our own little one, whenever we are blessed to get him/her :)
After shopping we came home and Kevin spent most of the afternoon in the garage. I relaxed and started our laundry. I also looked around the Kindle store, as I finished my John Grisham novel last night (It was goooooooooood  by the way!). Tonight we are just spending quality time together and relaxing. Tomorrow we may do some more shopping :)

*Ps- To all of you that have commented on my posts, I couldnt figure out how to respond then realized today that my email address wasnt on the comment settings for me to be notified when you guys comment so I can respond!!! Im really sorry and it wasnt my intention to ignore you I promise, Im just dumb with computers haha...please forgive me!!

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