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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still getting used to Hawaii weather.

Its December 23rd and I wore a short sleeved shirt and shorts all day today. I know its a tropical climate here but its still weird to be dressed in summer attire. Im not complaining though :P
This morning was a little unordinary. I came downstairs to eat breakfast before heading over to spin class. I was already trying to eat fast because instead of getting up at 710 like I wanted, I didnt roll out of bed til like 728. So as Im eating, the doorbell like 735. Who in the world is ringing the doorbell at this hour?? I asked Kevin to answer it. It turned out to be the lady he talked to yesterday about the water pressure in our house being sucky low. So she and her contractor guy came in to check the pipes and what not. They told us that the Army had specifically requested them to put water regulators on all of the faucets so that right there is the cause of our low pressure. Long story short is that we ended up taking apart our showerhead to maximize pressure. It worked and we now have decent pressure yay! It was so nice to take a shower today and take less than a couple minutes to rinse the soap out of my hair!! Thanks for the tip water pressure dude! :) Well, by this time, I hadnt finished my breakfast and ran downstairs to scarf the rest down. I zoomed upstairs to get ready and still didnt make it out of the house til 10 after 8. Instead of getting in my car and rushing over to the gym, we had to find water pressure lady because her car was completely blocking me in (eyeroll). I wasnt too angry though, she moved it pretty quickly and off I went! Thank goodness for the day off for most of the post, because otherwise I would have been much later than the 2 minutes I already was. I did make it in time for pre class stretch so I was happy. Let me tell yall, I sweated my booty off in that class today! The instructor on Thursdays is a different person than the one on Tuesdays, and she barely gave us any recovery time between songs! She also does waaaayyy more getting out of the seat than Katie (Tuesday lady) so I was about 85% in the class today vs. like 99% on Tuesdays! I did do the best I could and got an amazing workout anyway!
After the gym, Kevin was hungry, so we showered and headed down to Charleys subs on post (plus I wandered over to Starbucks for my latest addiction, the Caramel Brulee Frappuccino). After lunch we went to Lowes to pick up some white paint (you guys will see what that was for tomorrow!)
Once we got out of there,it was POURING down rain so we hung around the shopping center hoping the rain would pass quickly. It did not (eyeroll) so we went home. Kevin said he was kind of sleepy so he went upstairs to take a nap and I wrapped his last gift :)
Now dinner is done and we are about to watch the new Family Guy Star Wars spoof "Its a Trap!". Ahh we do love our Family Guy! The best thing about getting that Blu Ray disc? Kevin had a gift card he needed to use from like August, so it was FREE!
Tomorrow we are planning to hang out with some friends from Kevins company! After that? I have no idea! I do know I need to prep the ham for cooking on Saturday evening! Good night folks!



  1. I'm gonna have to try the shower head trick and see if that helps for my guest bathroom. Glad to hear you have better water pressure now chickadee :)

  2. The weather always gets you here!

  3. I'm having a hard time getting my body to believe it is actually December! This weather here totally throws me off too! Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful Christmas!