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Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a typical (rainy) Monday

This morning I got up and headed to step class. I was really excited about it too because with doc appointments, among other things, I havent been going to the gym as much as I should be. Step class was great---until about 5 minutes before we started cooling down. Someone decided it would be fun/cool to pull the fire alarm. So with heart rates fully up and in peak workout mode, we all had to stop abruptly and go outside. I hate when I have to stop working out so quickly without proper cooldown because then I get a nagging headache. Anyway, the fire dept came and ruled that it was a false alarm, so we all headed back in to at least stretch before any of us left. That was my little gym adventure this morning! Oh and Im bummed because from what I understand, theres no Monday step class until Jan 3rd :(
After the gym, I cam home to start on my Monday housecleaning. At the mailbox, I ran into one of my neighbors who told me that they were having water pressure problems as well as water heater issues. If I havent mentioned this already, our water pressure wasnt the worlds greatest to begin with, but in the last week our water pressure has gone down by at least 50%. Combine that with semi warm showers because our water heater is run off of solar panels on the top of our house (its been gloomy for the last 2 days so itrs not replenishing!) and youve got a couple of pretty cranky Buzuleciu's!! Our neighbor mentioned that he has complained to management, but nothing got done. What a shocker. We complained too and our maintenance guy told us everything looks good to him! Whatever Im calling again tomorrow as well as sending an email. If they dont fix the pressure and the water heater, we are calling JAG. No water pressure means 30 minutes just to wash the soap out of my hair, my dishes in the dishwasher dont get clean, and it takes longer to do laundry. No hot water means no hot showers, and no hot water for the dishwasher. Yeah, we are frustrated.
Sorry for the vent!
I did get my cleaning done today, just washed the laundry in cold and vaccumed/dusted. I tried not to use hot water so that maybe we can have a hot shower tonight (eyeroll).
Tomorrow Ive got spin class in the morning, followed by a doctor appointment in the afternoon for that pesky insomnia thing. Im also planning to go to walmart to get a few more gifts for Kevin :)

*Oh, and this may be TMI but Aunt Flow came today. Kevin and I are pretty sad because this may mean my tube closed back up. If youre a new reader and dont know whats up with the above statement, Kevin and I have been trying to conceive for the last year and a half and recently found out my tubes were blocked through a test they did. Well, they were able to open one during the test but didnt know how long it would stay open. Hopefully its still open but we will see. Its still pretty frustrating :(

Good night folks!


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  1. That sucks about your water! I would hate that! And sorry about all your medical issues. :(