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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Last night we stayed at the friends house a little later than we 230am later! Once we got home, I wasnt able to go to sleep because the cats kept getting in the Christmas tree! So much for my faith in them  :(  Blah whatever, I tried to go to sleep but by 630am I just went downstairs and started editing photos. I was on the phone with my mom when Kevin got up, so I finished up the conversation with her and started my day with Kevin. I really enjoyed opening each others gifts :) Kevin got me a new hand mixer, a tripod for my camera, a Corvette (hehe the matchbox kind--he knows the 'Vette is my favorite car ever so I really liked this gift!),and....feetie pajamas!!! I have been wanting some for years because theyre just so awesome! The top part fit okay but I have big ol' childbearin' hips (as my mom jokes) so the bottom part was kinda snug. Im just afraid it will shrink in the dryer, so we are exchanging it for a bigger size. I got Kevin his over the door pullup bar he wanted, the 5th season of Futurama (his favorite show) on DVD, a video game, a new mini mag light he has been wanting, a starbucks gift card, and some chocolates and candy in his stocking. We didnt get each other many gifts because 1, I got my kindle and he got his expensive tool set before Christmas, and 2, the kids in our lives put a big dent in the bank account! It was worth it because  they really loved their new stuff!! :)
After breakfast, opening presents and giving the furchildren their gifts, we headed out to the beach! Here are a few pictures from our day!

The tree always stays on all night on Christmas Eve

Our stockings....dont you just love the "Meow" stockings for Mia and Wyatt?

Kevin and his new multigym he wanted!

One of the kitties' toys...they LOVE these things! The 2 I got for them this year would make 5 total that they have gone through!

Mia's FAVORITE cat food ever!!

Wyatt just loves his new feather teaser toy! Mia got a matching one in purple!

My fun new Christmas socks!!!

Merry Christmas from the Buzuleciu's!

It was soooooooo nice to be able to go out to the beach and just relax! I fell asleep on my lawn chair heehee. Oh I almost forgot! On our way down to Hickam beach, we spotted this just hanging out on the runway...Im very fortunate to have gotten a great shot!

Recognize this particular plane??? This big mamma jamma belongs to none other than President Barack Obama!
I cant beleive I was able to get so close to Air Force One! I had to put my hand around a fence, but I got a couple of really nice pictures :) We knew that The POTUS was in town (I think in Kapolei-like less than 15 minutes from our house!) visiting his family for Christmas, but we were kinda suprised to see AFOne so close to a main road! Very cool :) Although Im not sure I was supposed to take them, I just found a gap in the fence. I half expected secret service to come out and say something, but Mr. President was nowhere near the aircraft so no one said anything. Its cool though, its just Kevins boss' plane, no biggie :P

We had a wonderful afternoon, the rain held off at the beach until we left, and Christmas dinner was really yummy! I will have pictures of that and my first homemade pie tomorrow for you guys. I really dont want to reload my camera contents on the computer right now. Im starting to shut down finally (no sleep last night!)!
Tomorrow Kevin wants to go snorkeling if the weather is nice, so I may have some more pics for you tomorrow!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday :) I do realize alot of my bloggie friends are going through the annoyance that is deployment, and Ive been thinking about you today hoping that youre enjoying yourselves as much as possible with your loved ones gone. It just makes me that more thankful that Kevin is able to be home to celebrate the holidays this year, especially since its the first one of us being married! Big hugs girls, and hoping for a safe and speedy return for your heroes :)


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  1. I love that picture of your cat and his toy!

    I always get Brandon a toy car for Christmas. This year he got a Deloreon!