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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Officially Done....

....Christmas shopping! I picked up the rest of Kevins gifts today (and wrapped them), and while I spent way more money than I should have, I know he's going to love what I got him! I cant wait for him to open his presents on Saturday :)
I also went to the commissary this afternoon-- Im proud to say I spent less than 40 bucks and was in and out in under a half hour! Thats some kind of record for me haha
After my grocery store trip, I headed home and made some sugar cookies! They were delicious too :) Kevin had a half day, so we spent much of the afternoon together. He went out to finish shopping for me today while I was at the grocery store so we could maximize our time together. He is off tomorrow, but I have spin class in the morning so no sleeping in for me :( I just keep reminding myself that the end result is going to be awesome :)
Speaking of sleeping, I took one of the pills the doctor gave me yesterday for my insomnia. My official review? It made me fall asleep rather quickly, and I stayed asleep almost all night, but it took me a bit to get out of bed because I felt kinda groggy and had a little headache. Will I take it again? Probably, but only on nights I have a hard time falling asleep or nights I absolutely have to get 8 hours or more. Tonight Im feeling pretty sleepy naturally so I dont think I will need the extra boost.
Other than spin class in the morning, I plan on cleaning the downstairs floors and dethawing the ham so that I can marinate it in brown sugar on Friday. Kevin and I may go out and do something, but I have a feeling tomorrow will be spent closer to home.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far!


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