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Friday, December 3, 2010

A very scary afternoon.

Today started out good. Kevin went to PT and came home to tell me that he earned a 4 day pass by being part of a group that won a race this morning. Yay I like 4 days! Anyway, he went to work like normal, and I was expecting him home at noon(early release day for payday activities). We had planned to head down to the NEX to do some Christmas shopping once he got home. Well I started getting ready about 1130 and when he wasn't home by 12 I just figured their formation ran late. Instead I got a call from him saying that ur was having really bad chest pain and for me to come get him so we could go to the doctor. I raced over there in record time. I didn't bother with speed limits. I picked him up and drove as fast as I could to the hospital. By the time we got there his pains were so bad he was crying. If you know Kevin he's your typical dude and he doesn't cry. Thankfully he was seen right away and the docs hooked him up to an ekg. He said his right arm was numb and the pain just got worse. He even told me he was scared at this point. After what seemed like hours, the doctor came in and ruled out heart attack or stroke. He ordered a chest xray and off we went to get that done. One of the doctors theories was a popped lung which made sense because Kevin had run really hard this morning. Thankfully it wasn't that either! After a muscle relaxer was administered he began to feel better and the pain subsided a little. The doctors final conclusion was severe spasm, which is not serious bit Kevin does need to take it easy for a couple of days. We are thinking his body is sensitive right now because of the MEN1 issue so hopefully he will he cleared of any excessive PT. After several hours in the hospital we were cleared to leave. The docs gave him some meds for the lingering pain, and he wanted Chinese food before we went home. I'm so thankful and relieved that it wasn't too serious, but it was scary. Kevin even apologized to me for scaring me like that. I have no idea why he's apologizing its not his fault. The rest of the day has been spent upstairs in bed- him sleeping and me reading...almost my entire book in one afternoon! Tomorrow we have an appointment at Tripler then its back home to relax. We were planning to go parasailing this weekend but that will happen another time. I am determined to report something positive on here tomorrow guys!
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  1. I'm glad he's ok!! That would be scary!

  2. I am glad that he is ok! Thats insane.