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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Today was my off day from the gym, so Kevin and I rolled out of bed at 10am. While Kevin was at PT I headed across the street to browse the thrift store. Silly me forgot that they're not open on Wednesdays! So I went back home. I was feeling productive, so I washed my car- something that needed to be done like last month. After the car was washed I hung out with Kevin for a bit then drove up to the North Shore to scope out some Christmas gifts for the family. I also conveniently wandered into Matsumoto's for some shave ice :) After looking around for a while, I stopped at the hardware store to get black paint for a project I'm working on! Once I got back home, I put a coat of paint on the project and then (finally) finished standing the desk. In between cooking dinner and the paint project, I managed to get a coat of stain on the desk drawers! It felt good to be productive today! Tonight I'm flogging from my phone because I'm down at the hangar hanging out with Kevin :)
Tomorrow I'm going to another spouses club luncheon! We are doing an ornament swap which I'm pretty excited about. I enjoyed myself last month but I felt awkward since I didn't know anyone, so I kinda kept to myself. I probably appeared standoffish, but I'm really not! Hopefully I can come out of my shell a little bit this time :)
More tomorrow!
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  1. Make sure to meet up with me today! We can sit together :)