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Friday, December 10, 2010


Today was a pretty busy day. This morning we went down to the hospital for Kevins appointment, plus I remembered I had to get bloodwork done, so we were there for awhile. After I dropped him off at work, I relaxed for a bit until he texted me to come get him. This afternoon was the battalion Christmas party. It was "mandatory fun" so Kevin had to be there. I dont mind these events, but the guys were looking at their watches every five minutes! It wasnt too bad, we chatted with some other T.I.'s and just hung out. The party was held in the hangar, so everything echoed! We stayed there until 5, then headed over to Just Taco's in Mililani. I had a margarita (shh dont tell anyone heehee)! Our food came out, and Kevin mentioned to the waitress that it was really cold, so the manager ended up coming over to us and giving us our meal on the house! He also offered free dessert (fried ice cream...yum) but I declined because we felt bad. We hooked the waitress up with a $20 tip though!! Now we are back at home, Kevin is in bed, and Im about to call it a night.
I do want to mention that I think we are officially climatized to Hawaii weather, because both of us wore hoodies to the Christmas was chilly today!!! Im not complaining though--the gloominess went away and we actually saw sunlight for like the last 30 minutes of day today :)
Tomorrow the plan is to go Christmas shopping but I dont know if thats going to happen...depends on what Kevin wants to do. I will be putting the second coat of stain on the desk and desk drawers though! Hopefully that project will (finally) be done on Sunday afternoon!!


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