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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not the Sunday I had hoped for...

We got up this morning with going to the beach as our main plan. Well when we got up, this is what we saw

It was like this all day long (dang rain). Oh well, we just decided to stay in the house today and relax. Kevin played his video game, and I tried to win a 90% off Dyson Vaccuum (I still dont know if I won, waiting up to 6 hours for an email is driving me insane!). Other than that, Kevin is still on flag detail, so I decided to go with him at 5 to take some pictures of their little ceremony they do to take the flag down for the evening.

Kevin is on the far left

This picture is my favorite...again, Kevins on the far left :)

It was windy and the flag was drenched so it wasnt cooperating

Folding her up

Kevin is inspecting the flag making sure its all folded up correctly

...and off they go, marching into the sunset across the street to put the flag away for the night
I saw this ceremony yesterday and I decided to take pictures because its neat to watch. There are certain commands Kevin had to give through the whole process. They even have to lower the flag 40 seconds (no faster) to match the retreat music. Its all choreographed! He says raising the flag in the morning is also its own unique process, so I may go with him tomorrow morning and snap some more pictures :)
After the Retreat ceremony, we headed over to Starbucks to grab a caffeinated beverage and get out of the house a bit. Kevin wanted to go to Game Stop (his other favorite store-well besides 4 wheel parts haha). We got a game we have both been wanting for awhile-Red Dead Redemption for the PS3. I told Kevin that its going in his stocking ;)
Thankfully Kevin wanted chinese food for dinner so I didnt have to cook tonight!!
Tomorrow, Im going to step class, then off to Wally World to get a few more gifts for my sweet husband. We both got our main gifts early, but I want him to open some things on Christmas as well as have a full stocking :) For now, though, its off to watch The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, and American Dad-our favorite Sunday night shows! Good night y'all, hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming week!

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