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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday lazy day

We originally planned to go to the pet store today to get some stuff for the kitties, as well as some shampoo so I could give them a bath. Kevin started working on Betty Jeep, and took alot longer than both of us anticipated! Actually, what was supposed to be a couple of hours turned into like 6. So I didnt leave the house today. I sat on the couch tinkering around on the computer, reading blogs, and facebooking all day ;)
All next week Kevin is working nights, so I will be doing more around the house. Tomorrow I have step class at 0830 and then I will be heading down to the pet store to pick up what we were going to pick up today, and I would like to head to the North Shore to find some cute Hawaiian gifts for family and friends! Plus I really want some shave ice...Im having a Matsumotos withdrawal :)
Tonight Kevin and I are doing what we have done every Sunday night for the past year and a half--take a shower, then climb under the covers and watch animation domination on Fox! After that I may download a new book for my kindle. Have I mentioned how much the kindle rocks??? Well it does and its my favorite electronic device other than my cell phone and the computer hehe (the TV and Wii come in 4th and 5th) Good night yall!!


  1. I love Matsumoto's! I got my shaved ice fix last week!

    My husband just looked over and said "Oh look, a little Milo" He honestly though the picture of your cat Wyatt, was our cat Milo! Too funny!

  2. You should check out the NEX - they have a pretty good Hawaiian gift section! Heck, even the PX does.