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Monday, December 27, 2010

Rain rain go away.....

.....come back the day after we PCS outta here! Seriously, this rain is bummin' me out.
This morning I wanted to go to the gym, but I remember my step instructor saying she wasnt going to be there today, so I decided to finish laundry and clean the bathrooms. I just want to say that scrubbing the tub is my least favorite thing to do. While I was cleaning, Kevin decided to head over to Starbucks then the Ed center. Well, he ran into an old friend from Ft Eustis in the PX and they talked for quite awhile, so by the time he got his coffee and headed out, it was ridiculously pouring outside. He called me and told me that he was going to stay at the PX til the rain slacked off. The rain finally slowed so he headed over to the jeep and........Betty wouldnt start. At all. This has been happening a few times lately but usually after the third or fourth try, she starts up. So poor Kevin was stranded :( No fear though, I quickly made my way over there to "rescue" him! We gave ol' Betty Jeep a jump and she started back up. So now we are certain that its the battery going dead and not the alternator. After Kevin went in to work for a bit, we headed down to the Navy Exchange, the auto parts store, and Walmart to find a battery. The average price for the battery Betty needs? 90 bucks! Eeeeeek. We are going to try some other places tomorrow to do some more price comparisons.
You know what that means---Kevin is taking S.S.Sebring to work tomorrow = No spin class for Jen :( I really wanted to go to spin tomorrow too! Grrr dang Jeep >:( The crazy thing is, Ive gotten all of my chores done for the week, so the only thing Im going to do tomorrow is maybe some arts and crafts, and continue editing the mass of pictures from our wedding among other folders so I can order the Shutterfly calendar I want, as well as some prints for our photo collages! The photo project should take up alot of time, but I really wanted to get some type of workout in tomorrow! Oh well, maybe I will bust out the old Wii Fit!!! The boxing exercises make me sweat :)
Tonight is the second night in a row I havent had to cook...yipeee!!!! The kitchen is still clean :^D
Im going to call it a fairly early evening tonight, since insomnia reared its ugly head last night...even after I took my pill (?). I think I just have too much energy at the end of the night. Kevin and I were talking about it and figured out that my insomnia usually stops by if I havent gone to the gym that day (of course, it has come when I have gone that day, but thats not as common as if I havent gone). I also take a shower at night, so I can take one with Kevin (sorry if thats TMI hehe), but I get a burst of energy after I take a shower so that may also play a role. Hmmph, I hope I get this under control!
Anyway, Ive babbled on enough for one evening :) Good night all!


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