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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This morning I decided to try my hand at cardio kickboxing again because my hip has been behaving lately. Well that, and I skipped the gym Monday and Tuesday. The last time I attended a kickboxing class at the gym, I didnt finish it because it was too hard on my hip. Ive been apprehensive about trying it again, but today I just told myself that I wouldnt push it too hard, and that I would see what I could do and what I couldnt do. I ended up completing the class, and my hip hurt about as much as it does at the end of step class yay! I will be going back next week :) After the gym, I found out (through Facebook) that Kevins company was having a suprise lunch and wives were invited. Well, apparently very little notice was given, so exactly 2 wives showed up--me, and Samantha (wife of one of the Sgts in Kevins company). Anyway, we sat and talked for like 3 hours until the guys got off of work (it was a half day today!!). She is a pretty cool chick, and we have a beach date planned for next week when the guys are off doing various work things. It hasnt been set in stone, but we may hang out for New Year's too because neither one of us really drinks and parties.
After the guys got released for the day, Kevin and I came home, where he proceeded to take a nap :) I remembered that I needed to get my prescription from the pharmacy, so while Kevin was snoring napping I headed across the street. Some good news: no more potholes on the entrance lane to Schofield !!! I was kinda tired of playing "dodge the potholes" everytime I came across the street for something. It was so bad this past week that I just decided to turn onto Kunia road and go down the street and to the left through the main entrance to post (not far). If youre one of my readers that lives here, you know what I mean and its very exciting news lol
Thankfully there was no one at the pharmacy so I got right in and out, and the whole trip only took me 30 minutes. Thank goodness, because when I returned home I developed a headache and my head feels really stuffy. Blah, it better be gone by tomorrow morning because I want to go to spin!! So Ive had dinner and Im heading to bed now, good night yall :)

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  1. I can't wait to get home to no potholes! And yay for kickboxing :)