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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day after Christmas :)

Today we were planning on going snorkeling, but decided not to, because it looked pretty gloomy out. Instead, Kevin played his video game and I chatted with my BFF and my mom for most of the morning. The hot topic this morning? The snow! Hampton Roads, Va (the area Im from) recieved anywhere from 10-18 inches of snow today!!! This is a big deal since the average snowfall in that area is 3-6 inches anytime it snows. I hate the cold, but I do love snow! My mom sent me some pictures of her yard this morning

This picture was taken at like 10am EST
I have no idea whats up with the green and pink tint. It was taken from moms phone and she doesnt have the best camera on it! It snowed even more after the picture was taken!!! Im kinda sad we missed this because I would have loved to meet up with the neice and nephew and make snowmen :) I grabbed some other pics from my area too, they are on my facebook page!
On this side of the world, it was overcast,but warm of course. I didnt venture out one time today!!! I decided to edit some photos, and tinker around on the computer today. I also finished cleaning the kitchen (Kevin took all of the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, and placed the dirty ones in-thanks love!) and did the laundry. Tonight was leftovers for dinner :) Speaking of leftovers, a couple of pictures from dinner last night!

The apple pie came out PERFECT!!!

We had (from L to R) green beans, dinner rolls, stuffing, ham, and homemade mashed potatoes
Tomorrow Im going to the gym at my regular time. I *heard* there was no step class, but I think the instructor said that she wouldnt be teaching Mondays class. Im not sure if they have a backup instructor, I hope they do! If not, Im still going to work out for an hour! After the gym I plan on going home and cleaning cleaning cleaning! Ive been super lazy when it comes to the bathrooms, so they are getting some TLC. I will probably give the cats a bath tomorrow, as I found a flea on Mia yesterday. Yeah, Im not too happy about that! Once payday comes, Kevin and I are going to get them some advantage (that stuff is awesome!) to make sure those pesky fleas stay away!!! Im also planning on mopping the floors because my kitchen floor just cant stay clean for 3 days (annoying.). Anyways, tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day! Hopefully I will get done with my house stuff early enough to browse the after Christmas sales @ the exchange!

Good night everyone :)

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