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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Today was a pretty good day! We got up early to head to the hospital so that Kevin could get another MRI done.This experience was MUCH better!. Afterwards, we grabbed some chinese food, Kevin got a haircut, and we looked around the PX for a bit. Once we got home, Kevin put the skid plate on Betty Jeep and I continued to try to win a 90% coupon from Lowes (no luck :( ). I have a feeling they are going to be offering the Dyson vaccuum cleaner early tomorrow morning so Im getting up extra early!
Kevin is still on flag detail, so I went with him this afternoon for the Retreat. Its actually a pretty cool process and I plan on going with him tomorrow and taking some pictures.
Tomorrow we have *sorta* committed to going to the beach. I was pretty sad to find out that the Pro Surfing competition was over today :( A plus side to that is theres not going to be alot of traffic, and plenty of spots! Since the pros are gone from Bonzai Pipeline, we may head up to Turtle Bay. Have any of you folks in Hawaii ever been there? What was your experience??
Anyhow, more tomorrow (with pictures!)


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