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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I missed my car!

This morning I was able to get my beloved car back! Once we got there I looked in the trunk, knowing that there should have been stuff in it, and the only thing was the box they packed up at the origin location. Well, they never opened the trunk during the inspection, because if they did, they would have seen my little baseball buddy. Its a stuffed baseball that has always been in my car since I bought my first car in 2000 (For those of you that know me, you know Im a huge baseball fan). I consider him a good luck charm and he always sits on my dash. Well, my little guy wasnt in there. I was pretty upset, and I know it sounds petty but it had sentimental value to me. Im just miffed that they didnt call me when they did finally open the trunk and be like "Hey we have some more of your stuff, is there anywhere we can send it?" I would have gladly gave them my moms address. Just bums me out because they made me fill out a claims form--I dont want money, I want my good luck charm back in my car where he should be!! Ugh, thanks for letting me vent, I feel better :)
Anyways, more good news today!! About a week after we arrived on island, the moving company called and said our 1st smaller shipment had arrived on island...great, at least we will definitely have stuff when we get a house! Well, today the moving company responsible for our big shipment (you know, the important stuff like my food steamer, the bed, the couch, the TV, my hot pink lawn chairs for the beach, and according to Kevin the PS3 and XBox360 hehe) called and said our stuff is on island and asked what would be a good time for it to be delivered!!! I, with a very sad voice I might add, had to tell the nice lady thank you for getting it here early but we still didnt have a house so we cant have it delivered yet :( Its okay though, because when we do get offered a house, we can now schedule everything to be delivered on move in day!!! YAY!!! Hopefully we get to take a look at a home this next week :)
Other than that, I went on post today to try and get my car inspected, but the dude said that he was understaffed and couldnt do it till late. So I decided to cruise on up there tomorrow at open to get it done. Then its off to the DMV, where I will get new plates. Let me just add that I JUST renewed my plates for VA but Kevin says they stick out like a sore thumb and asked me to switch to Hawaii plates. Annoying, but I compromised....Im getting them personalized hehe. At least I can keep my VA license *sigh*. So there will be some fun and adventure for me tomorrow for sure, so stick around. Ive got my car back, and Ive been known to get lost in my hometown, so tomorrow should be fun ;)

One more thing--I have created a Shutterfly account and have added some pictures from Hawaii up there! I will also be adding other pictures soon including some of our wedding photos, trips, etc!
Hope you guys enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Online shopping and some fun questions

Man, I am so glad I get my car tomorrow morning!!! Today I spent most of the morning checking out the clearance section of Target and other stores! While I enjoyed it thoroughly, I got bored after awhile. I decided that in the afternoon hours I would head to the pool and lay out for a bit. So I got ready and put my swimsuit on, even charged up my phone so I could listen to satellite radio while laying out. I grabbed my towel and headed over to the pool. When I got there I quickly realized it was overcast!!! Apparently it had been raining all day too according to Kevin. Silly me didnt look out the hotel window all day because I just assumed it would be nice. Ive been spoiled by Hawaii weather already haha. So with my head hung low, I went back to the hotel room. Thankfully Kevin got off work shortly after so that was awesome!

Today I was tagged to answer a few questions by a fellow Army Wife by the name of Chantal over at A Blog A Day While Youre Away. The rules: Answer the questions, come up with your own 8, tag some more people to continue!

Here they are!

1. If you could be on a reality TV show, which would it be? Why?

I would have to say The Amazing Race! It would be really cool to travel the world and learn a ton of new cultures! Plus, who wouldnt think it was awesome to travel across France in an air balloon?? My race partner would be Kevin obviously and we would kick some butt, just in case you were wondering ;)

2. Do you like your name?
You know, I really didnt like it too much growing up, and when Forrest Gump came out (I was a teenager), it got worse because everyone called me "Jen-nayyyy". When I got older, it didnt bug me as much and certain people actually call me Jenny now. My grandfather named me and Jennifer happened to be his favorite name. Funny, because he was one of my favorite people!! After he passed away, I really started being more proud of my name, so thanks Grandad!! :)

3. Describe your dream vacation.
Well, we just started our 3 year tour in Hawaii, and this place is pretty nice!! Really though, anywhere with Kevin is a good enough vacation for me :) A European vacation would be cool though--(fingers crossed) C'mon orders to Germany!!!

4. Do you have names for your future children?
Paco and Gertrude! Haha just kidding (not that theres anything wrong with those names, theyre just not our fave)
If we have a boy, Kevin wants to carry on the family tradition. So his name will be Kevin Eli the third!
If we have a girl, I like Emma Jane. Emma because I really like that name, and Jane after my awesome late grandma! Kevin doesnt like Emma too much, but I told him Jane has to stay!

5. What's your dream career?
Well, I love history, especially the time period of 1900-1960, so I wouldnt mind working in a museum that focuses on the pop culture of that era. It fascinates me :)

6. Who's on your list? (You know, the list of celebrities that you can, you know... no harm done)
Oh my... lets see:
Wentworth Miller
Jason Statham- Rowrrrrr!!
Matt Damon-
Taylor Lautner- Hey, he's legal now ;)

7. Do you like where you live?
I do now!! Virginia is where I grew up, and my family is there, so I like it to an extent.... but it cant beat Hawaii weather!! I have a feeling Im going to love living here :)

8. What's your favorite color? Why?
I have to pick just one?? Hmm... Well, I like pink, purple, and blue. No reason really, those are the colors my eyes just gravitate to first. I also like lighter versions of yellow, because they can brighten any room instantly!

Now Ive got to come up with some questions of my own!

1. Pick 3 things you would want to be stranded on a desert island with. Why?
2. How did you and your spouse/Significant Other meet?
3. Where is your ideal place to retire?
4. What is your favorite TV show and why?
5. Who is your favorite sports team? Why do ya love 'em so much?
6. If you could trade places with anyone on this earth (past or present), who would it be and why?
7. Tell us about your craziest funniest family moment.
8. Do you have anything that you collect?

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello, its Tuesday

Wow I almost forgot to post today! Today was a little less boring than yesterday, mostly because I actually got up and did something haha. I took care of the paperwork we have to get every 10 days with the hotel and Kevin & I went grocery shopping this evening!! We also picked up some snorkeling gear for this weekend! During the day I went "shopping" online and checked out different things that I want to get for our new home. Speaking of the new home, this living in a hotel room thing is getting kind of old, so the housing people should get on that! The other night when we started laundry, we talked to this guy who had been here with his wife and kids for 2 1/2 MONTHS waiting on a house. Really?!?! I hope that doesnt happen to us!
Ugh maybe Im just really frustrated because while we were at the commissary today I couldnt stop thinking about how badly I missed cooking real food. We arent eating very healthy ( well, as healthy as we would like) and going out to eat is expensive. Only a few more weeks though we hope! Also, I get my car back on Thursday morning, so Im headed back to the gym and there will be more for me to post about instead of my boring grocery store trips!! Thats all for today, but there may be more adventures tomorrow, who knows?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sleep and laundry

I slept today. Alot. My alarm went off at 8am, so I shut it off and decided to sleep another hour max. I woke up to a text from Kevin at like 1015 telling me he was off work already! Once Kevin got here we finished up the laundry that we didnt get done last night. Originally we had planned to go to Best Buy and check out the Lowe's thats on island, but that didnt work out too well. Around 2-230, I got really tired and laid down. Yeah, I woke up at 630. I felt bad for sleeping all freaking day, but Kevin was really sweet about it and said it was probably because we havent rested since we got here. I just feel like I slept the day away and that drives me nuts  :(
So that was it. Thats all that happened today. I didnt even leave the hotel haha. Tomorrow should be way more interesting though! I hope Kevin gets off early tomorrow too, I really did want to go to Best Buy and Lowe's!

Oh, I have an appointment to pick up my car on Thursday at 10am!!! Im so excited!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kaneohe Bay Air Show

Today Kevin and I went to the Air Show that was happening up at the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps base. Originally the plan was to get up early and get there early, but we decided to sleep in and finally left at like 1130am. First let me just say that the drive up there is beautiful. To get there, you have to drive right through the mountains! Here are a few pictures of the drive up! (Oh and be forwarned--there are going to be ALOT of pictures in this post--even more than usual hehe)

Sorry the pictures look a little faded...I was taking them from inside the jeep with the windows up and old "Betty" could use a Jeep wash haha. Once we got on base and into the event, I started taking some pictures :)

Kevin hanging out with an old jeep

I thought this was kinda funny

I was trying to look mean like this guy

We're gonna crash!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!! Hehe

"Calm down crazy co-pilot!!"

Haha those were fun...we walked around some more checking out the different tents and sponsors and what not. There were 2 events that I really wanted to see, the demonstrations by the F-22 fighter jet and the Navy Blue Angels!


I would give my right arm to be able to take a ride in one of those!!

Sadly, this is probably the closest I will ever get to an F-22
And now for some Blue Angels action!!

This plane is part of the Blue Angels team but does its own demo. The planes name is "Fat Albert". Hey hey hey!!

All lined up and ready to go

I like this shot

This is the only picture I was able to get with all 6 of them in the same shot

I really enjoy watching these guys. Theyre so talented with these aircraft and their precision and speed impresses me every time! I also have some video from the F-22 and the Blue Angels, but Im too tired to wait for them to upload here, so I will probably either upload them some other time to the actual blog page haha. Im putting some more of these pictures and the videos on my facebook page as well.
Oh, before I forget, we decided to do the airshow today because in addition to the same flying demos they had yesterday, they also had a car show! I love car shows too :) Some pictures for yall to enjoy (I told you this post would have alot of them!)


The wheels on this car were the biggest Ive ever seen on a regular car

This was really little--it was cute :)

Saw this on a restored '51 Ford truck

This VW Beetle was a gorgeous car

It says, "Is there a problem, officer?" hehe I need that on my car!

If I were to own a Beetle, this would probably be similar to what my paint job would look like :) Oh and it matches my outfit!

This sexy machine is a 2006 Corvette Z06--"honey, you know my birthday is coming up", I said, right after this picture was taken.

Mmmmmm I love Corvettes...this one is for sale too, just 25 grand and the owner has put in over 15 grand in aftermarket stuff! Its a steal!

I may have forgotten, but I think this is a '35 Buick. I do know it has a Corvette engine in it though!

Ferrari-- it was blocked off (boo), probably because it was sitting next to a Bentley and a Maserati hehe
 So there you have it, our day at the air show! We had fun and were pretty exhausted when we left. On our way out, I signed up for a scentsy drawing and picked up a Blue Angels shot glass (I collect them). Tomorrow is back to work for Kevin, so Im going to keep it low key and do some laundry. I may even do some laps in the pool :) I hope everyone has had a good weekend and has a great week!

*I know my posts are long and detailed (and with insane amounts of pictures) but that is really for our family and friends back home so that they can "experience" our time in Hawaii with us! So for my readers in Hawaii, thanks for putting up with the obnoxiously long posts haha

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hey everyone! Today we went to Waikiki--finally. This morning I had to go to the jewelry store and get my rings sized (yet again-they were still too loose for my liking) so we spent a few hours in the Pearlridge Mall to wait for them to be done. We also walked over to Bed Bath and Beyond (my favorite store!) to check out the wares haha. This one has 2 floors :) After we picked up my rings, we went back to the hotel and changed so we could head over to Waikiki! By the time we got down there and parked it was just after 4pm, so there was plenty of sunshine left to swim and lay out. What I wanted to see though was the sunset! So here are some pictures of our afternoon--I hope you enjoy them!

I have no clue why he looks confused haha

Beautiful Waikiki

rocks, coral-to emphasize how clear the water is

You know we have to do the self portrait haha

My trademark thumbs up pose hehe

I heart palm trees....

Diamond Head crater--Kevin and I are going to climb this soon!

Beautiful sunset

a couple stopped and offered to take a picture of us, thanks you guys!! :)

Theres nothing in the world like a Waikiki sunset! As we were walking along taking pictures, we saw 2 different weddings taking place--ahhh I love love :) I definitely know now why this beach is one of the best on the planet! We had an amazing time and will be going back soon!
After Waikiki, we had dinner and came back to the hotel. I was pretty exhausted because my stupid hip was hurting pretty bad all day which was annoying but eh whatev.  Tomorrow we are going to the air show at the Marine Corps base, so look for more pictures! Buenos Noches!