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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today was pretty low key. Because of my annoying insomnia, I didnt go to sleep until like 2am, so therefore I slept in until 10am today!!! I probably would have slept longer if my mom hadnt called (thanks mom, I really needed to get up!). She called to tell me how excited she is about my car coming early and the type of house we are getting, which in turn made me even more excited about it!! I really cant wait until they tell us we have a new home... I actually miss cooking and baking :(
Kevin got half of the day off again today, so he wanted to go to the beach. Around 3pm we headed out to Hickam beach to swim and lay out. He said he wanted to go so that I could get out of the hotel room because he feels bad that Im stuck here all day...awww, sweet husband :) I did take a few random pictures...

Blaring sun

My sexy man ;)

This little bird was hanging around so I took a pic of him...and he totally posed!!

I cant get enough of the pretty water here :)
After the beach we picked up a few things from the store and headed back to the we are just resting and hanging with our "kids". Sorry for the early post tonight, Im heading to bed early so that I dont sleep in as late tomorrow hehe. Buenos noches folks!

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