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Friday, September 10, 2010

First full day :)

I woke up at My east coast time zone body thought it was 10am. Last night it was only 615pm local time when I fell asleep. So at 415am this morning I had slept for 10 hours! Tonight Kevin and I are trying to stay up as late as possible to get correctly adjusted to our new time zone :)

This morning was very eventful. We had breakfast at 645 and by 730 we were headed over to the animal quarantine station to pick up Mia and Wyatt. Both Kevin and I were very excited to get them, we missed them so much! The lady over there was very nice and even let us in 15 mins before they actually opened so that we could get our babies! After we picked them up, we dropped them off at the hotel and went down to the port to get "Betty". Betty is Kevins jeep. Needless to say he was really excited to pick her up! It also makes it much easier to get around, as cab rides are very expensive! We then headed to the NEX/Commissary to get some much needed things, and went back to the hotel for awhile. Around 230-300 we ventured out again for some more shopping. We thought about heading down to Waikiki, but we decided to do that tomorrow as we hit their traffic during rush hour and really werent feeling that! We went to the pool instead and I got to try out my camera under water

Kevin and I acting silly in the Hotel pool

Looks like Im pretty happy with my purchase haha :) It works great underwater!

Now we are back in the room and we are spending a quiet evening with our kitties! Waikiki planned for on the lookout for pictures :)

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