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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, and off to work he goes....

....and I was bored today. Like really bored. After Kevin went to work I decided to mail off the postcards I filled out for family and friends. This was a mini adventure in itself. So from the front of our hotel, you can see the post office across the street. Yay! (kinda) So I decided to walk over there instead of getting stamps at the front desk. The lady at the desk told me to walk down the block and the entrance is right there. Well I start walking...and walking...and walking...and reached an entrance--the employee entrance. Theres a fence surrounding the post office so I followed it all the way down. And I reached the airport haha. So the front desk lady made it seem like this wasnt a far walk but I literally had to walk all the way around the building (which is massive by the way--it is a post office and the main Honolulu postal distribution center-- in the same building). This thing takes up an entire LARGE block. Luckily I was wearing my comfy flippy floppies and I really didnt have anywhere else to be so I hoofed it in and mailed my postcards! It was a nice walk, but it took like 30 mins for me to mail something from across the street haha.
After I got back, I decided to unpack the suitcases and spiffy up "our place" a bit. It looks more like a living space than a trainwreck with clothes and stuff all over the place now :) My suspicion now is that we will talk to housing tomorrow and they will offer us something, so I will have to pack everything back up. Isnt that the way the world works??
Sorry guys and gals, no pictures today...why you ask? Because I didnt do anything today haha. I totally should have taken the camera on my post office adventure. I did go out to the pool and work on my tan for about an hour though! Oh and I talked to my mom and my BFF (twice!).Kevins shuttle van was late picking him up from post, so instead of him being back at like 345, he rolled in at like 6. I heart the army so much. Hes taking the jeep to work tomorrow haha. Oh and he gets home and tells me that theyre set to deploy early 2012. Just peachy.
Sorry for the boring read today, Im planning on venturing out to the Pearlridge mall tomorrow, and will have my camera! Good night (morning for my east coast peeps) everyone!

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