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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello, its Tuesday

Wow I almost forgot to post today! Today was a little less boring than yesterday, mostly because I actually got up and did something haha. I took care of the paperwork we have to get every 10 days with the hotel and Kevin & I went grocery shopping this evening!! We also picked up some snorkeling gear for this weekend! During the day I went "shopping" online and checked out different things that I want to get for our new home. Speaking of the new home, this living in a hotel room thing is getting kind of old, so the housing people should get on that! The other night when we started laundry, we talked to this guy who had been here with his wife and kids for 2 1/2 MONTHS waiting on a house. Really?!?! I hope that doesnt happen to us!
Ugh maybe Im just really frustrated because while we were at the commissary today I couldnt stop thinking about how badly I missed cooking real food. We arent eating very healthy ( well, as healthy as we would like) and going out to eat is expensive. Only a few more weeks though we hope! Also, I get my car back on Thursday morning, so Im headed back to the gym and there will be more for me to post about instead of my boring grocery store trips!! Thats all for today, but there may be more adventures tomorrow, who knows?

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