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Friday, September 17, 2010

The 8th day...

Today really was boring. Kevin left for work this morning and I didnt get out of bed til like the crack of noon. The only thing that really happened today was that Kevin came home and told me that his jeep wouldnt pass Hawaii state inspection because of the tires sticking out and the lift. The lift cannot be replaced but he can get a permit for that. The tires can be replaced but in all honesty they dont stick out enough! So Kevin will have to get new tires (possibly) and fender flares that go out quite a few inches. This will be an expensive endeavor so wish us luck! Or hope that my car gets here sooner rather than later.
Yesterday after I posted, however, we decided to go to Chilis in Waikiki. Yeah not such a good decision. Not that we dont want to go to Waikiki because believe me we do! It took us like an hour to get there because of traffic on the freeway, then when we did find the place there was no parking!!! Anywhere!!! The only parking garages appeared to be hotels where you had to have a permit...ughh. On the way there though I took a few pictures!!

Take a ride on the Like Like Highway :) Kevin and I thought it was amusing

Part of the Honolulu skyline...peep the pesky traffic

I love how this picture came out...I wanted to get a good shot of the mountains, but the pretty church steals the show

Another pretty shot of the mountains...those gloomy clouds have been hanging around for the last 2 days

Ahh I cant get enough of those mountains! I want to climb one!! Tomorrow we are going to the North Shore for the first time since arriving on there will be tons of pics tomorrow night!


  1. Yeah, when we go down to Waikiki, we park at the Hale Koa. Soooo much cheaper! I don't go to Chili's down there, though, so I don't know where that is. Let me know if you need any advice on anything!

    Oh, and you should set your reply-to email. I wanted to reply to your comments on my blog but I can't! :(

  2. We are definitely going to park there next time! We really wanted Chilis though so we were disappointed haha.
    I sent comments again on your last 2 posts with the setting changed, sorry about that :)