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Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting my car sooner & the housing situation is better!

Today started pretty normal...well, except for some folks forgetting the time difference and wanting to call me at like 630am grrr haha. Actually its not that early so I wasnt mad or anything! I did decide to wait to return the call because I wanted a few more minutes of sleep...sorry :) When I woke up today I remembered to check on my beloved S.S. Sebring...and I am SO glad I did!!! Turns out my car made it to California way way earlier than expected, and instead of it being available for pickup on October 17th, it will be on island and available for pickup around September 30th!!!! YAY!!!! Oh Ive missed my car so much, y'all have no idea!
We also had some more great news today! Housing had confused me when they told me that the house they were offering was in a certain neighborhood (which I checked out and did not like). Turns out the house is in the newer neighborhood, not the older one that I thought housing dude was talking about, so Kevin and I looked at the wrong type of house (dumb, I know). Today, he clarified and gave me the floor plan of the house we will be getting. Im stoked because it is one of the floor plans that I wanted (insert super cheesy smile here). The neighborhood that we will eventually get has not been specified yet (due to availability not being immediately known), but he said that this was the house type we are on the list for...another YAY!! This makes me very happy... plus the kitchen is WAY bigger than the one we had before, we have a decent sized back yard, and Kevin gets his attached garage :) All parties win! The only thing that would be better is if the house becomes available in one of my top 2 neighborhoods of choice.
Ahh, so that was the highlight of the day. Other than running those and some more errands around post this afternoon, that was about it! Tomorrow will be more boring I promise haha. I really dont have anything planned for tomorrow, so the laziness I was expecting to experience today will be my itinerary for tomorrow :) Hopefully Kevin gets off early like he did today and he can come be lazy with me :P

I remembered that this weekend is the air show at the Marine Corps base!! I love air shows so Kevin and I will definitely be going to that so watch for pictures!

Goodnight everyone!

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