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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Checkin' out the new post, & a Happy Birthday to my Mia!

Hi guys! Today Kevin took me to our new post! We even drove through some of the housing neighborhoods and lets just say I know which one I would like to live in!! So fingers crossed when we actually talk to a leasing person tomorrow! We had lunch at the food court and then Kevin had to go to a briefing, so I mosey'd around the PX for awhile, still on the search for more shorts! I didnt find any (of course!) but I did find some stuff that I want to get and send to family and friends once we get a permanent address :) The drive from the hotel to the post is actually pretty nice! You have a constant view of the mountains and theres little forest valleys everywhere! It was really cloudy and raining on and off today so the mountains looked a little gloomy. I still took some pictures though!

Sorry for the blurriness! I really do have an awesome camera, but the roads are kinda bad in some places and in the Jeep you feel every bump. I will definitely get some better pictures soon, as the mountains are right behind post! I also decided to test my cameras macro mode this morning and took this picture of a pretty Hawaiian flower!

I love love love Hawaiian flowers and it was one of the things that made me really excited to move here! i will be taking more pictures of Hawaiian flowers during our time here and I will be sure to share!
After all of the running around was done today, Kevin and I went back to the hotel and lounged by the pool for awhile. Around 7 I called Zales to check and see if my rings were done being sized and they were (yay! only took a day!) so we went down to the mall to pick them up! I still feel like they are a little bit loose but my fingers swell at night so maybe theyre okay.
Nothing too crazy or fun today, but before I go, I want to dedicate a special part of my post to my beautiful cat, Mia! Today is her 5th birthday, so I feel a little obligated to give her a shout out =). Ive had Mia since she was about 6 weeks old (give or take, I just celebrate her birthday on Sept 15). She and I have been through alot of things together, and I love her like she was my own child. Shes a sweet cat that "talks" alot (like her momma hehe). Shes a loud purrer and you can oftentimes hear her purring from across the room if theres no other sound. She is a lean mean shedding machine who loves Oceanfish Tuna canned cat food! Her favorite toys include a mouse you can stuff with catnip, and her cardboard scratchy pad. She doesnt really like baths per se, but shes really good in the bath and doesnt give me any problems! Shes the best cat Ive ever had (well other than Wyatt hehe), and Im priviledged to get to be her owner. A few pics of Mia aka "Mookie" or "Crazy a** cat" lol)

Mia as a baby...she loved her play cube!

My beautiful girl <3

She loves playing with the shoe laces on these shoes only. She doesnt like the other shoe laces haha
So a big Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, and I hope shes in our family for many more years! Thats all for me tonight, sorry the post was long, more tomorrow =)

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