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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nice welcome to Hawaii, but really, housing?

My day started at 4am...yeah thats too early even for my blood haha. Kevin had a mandatory assessment this morning at "O-my god its early o'clock" and then we had to go to housing at 8am. So instead of him going all the way to post then coming back to get me, just so we could haul bananas back to post to go to housing, I just went to work with him. Its okay though, because while he did his assessment, I slept in the jeep for 2 more hours hehe. After his work thing, we headed over to housing. Now keep in mind I have my preferences as to which community I would like to live in. No offense to people, but I much prefer a nicer community. Kevin and I are older, and want a quieter community around people our own age. I told the leasing consultant what my preferences are and he said that there may be an opening soon for something in a certain community (not one of my preferred). He said it was older housing and it was nice and that we could drive by and take a look and let him know. It isnt supposed to count towards our decline limit. We drove by this neighborhood, and I was appalled that this guy would offer us something that crappy. First off, Kevin is not a private with less than 2 years in, he is a career soldier with a decade in and in a pretty good leadership position.  I cant wait to call this guy tomorrow and tell him no thanks and if this is the kind of community he is going to put us in we would rather live off post in something nicer. Ugh sorry for the rant.
Before we checked out the community, I attended the newcomer brief with Kevin! They had speakers from different services on post come out, and there was a lady that educated us on Hawaiian history and customs! I liked her presentation best :) After a few speakers, we had lunch and perused some of the vendor tables. Then we had the opportunity to meet the battalion chain of command. For the most part they were pretty cool, the Major General who spoke was actually very personable! Kevin also got to meet his commanders as well. The briefings, lunch, and commander briefings took about 4 1/2 hours to complete, so no sightseeing for me today :(
Sorry for the superearly post, but Im tired and will probably have an early dinner and hit the hay! Tomorrow I will be pretty bored so I may venture out some more, which means more pictures!

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