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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our first visit to a Hawaiian beach

Today we got up at 7am with the original plan to go down to Waikiki, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches on the planet. We decided against it, mostly because we didnt want to fight the parking this morning. So we went over to one of the nearby military bases and went to their beach. I was so excited because since we landed on Thursday, I had yet to see the beautiful waters of Oahu (no window seat on the plane, remember)! we came up to the beach and the first thing I did was get out and snap a picture with my phone to share instantly with family and friends (told you I would Ashley! :) ) Here is my first view of Hawaiian waters

Breathtaking isnt it?? It looks like something you would see on a website that offers desktop backgrounds haha. What made this even better is that this was taken from my cell phone and this mornings weather was just perfect. Kevin and I spent about an hour and a half just laying in the sun and playing in the water, testing out the camera in salt water. We then headed over to Sea Breeze, an outdoor/indoor resteraunt next to the beach. We had an early lunch, I had a Mai Tai, and Kevin had some beer (it was 5 o'clock Eastern time, dont judge us!) plus the Ohio State game was on TV. Yeah, college football comes on early here...dang time difference lol. A few pics of the morning:

The mountain in the background is actually a crater, Diamond Head! The long strip of land is the airport runway haha

Kevin and I cheesin' it up
Gotta have a lifeguard!
Yeah we do this alot ;)

Mai Tai and Buckeye football...all before noon, what could be better?

This turned out a little blurrier than I wanted...theyre little crabs, just crabbin' around :)
View from my seat at the resteraunt. We ate outside on the deck

Pretty mountains! I want to climb one!

Palm tree outside of the resteraunt

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! We had an amazing morning and the weather here is really nice all the time! By 230 we were pretty tired so we came back to the hotel. Originally since we didnt go to Waikiki this morning we were going to go for sunset this evening, but I fell asleep (doh!) Oh well, we will try to head down there tomorrow! Dont worry I will post more pictures! More tomorrow :)

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