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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sleep and laundry

I slept today. Alot. My alarm went off at 8am, so I shut it off and decided to sleep another hour max. I woke up to a text from Kevin at like 1015 telling me he was off work already! Once Kevin got here we finished up the laundry that we didnt get done last night. Originally we had planned to go to Best Buy and check out the Lowe's thats on island, but that didnt work out too well. Around 2-230, I got really tired and laid down. Yeah, I woke up at 630. I felt bad for sleeping all freaking day, but Kevin was really sweet about it and said it was probably because we havent rested since we got here. I just feel like I slept the day away and that drives me nuts  :(
So that was it. Thats all that happened today. I didnt even leave the hotel haha. Tomorrow should be way more interesting though! I hope Kevin gets off early tomorrow too, I really did want to go to Best Buy and Lowe's!

Oh, I have an appointment to pick up my car on Thursday at 10am!!! Im so excited!

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