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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hey everyone! Today we went to Waikiki--finally. This morning I had to go to the jewelry store and get my rings sized (yet again-they were still too loose for my liking) so we spent a few hours in the Pearlridge Mall to wait for them to be done. We also walked over to Bed Bath and Beyond (my favorite store!) to check out the wares haha. This one has 2 floors :) After we picked up my rings, we went back to the hotel and changed so we could head over to Waikiki! By the time we got down there and parked it was just after 4pm, so there was plenty of sunshine left to swim and lay out. What I wanted to see though was the sunset! So here are some pictures of our afternoon--I hope you enjoy them!

I have no clue why he looks confused haha

Beautiful Waikiki

rocks, coral-to emphasize how clear the water is

You know we have to do the self portrait haha

My trademark thumbs up pose hehe

I heart palm trees....

Diamond Head crater--Kevin and I are going to climb this soon!

Beautiful sunset

a couple stopped and offered to take a picture of us, thanks you guys!! :)

Theres nothing in the world like a Waikiki sunset! As we were walking along taking pictures, we saw 2 different weddings taking place--ahhh I love love :) I definitely know now why this beach is one of the best on the planet! We had an amazing time and will be going back soon!
After Waikiki, we had dinner and came back to the hotel. I was pretty exhausted because my stupid hip was hurting pretty bad all day which was annoying but eh whatev.  Tomorrow we are going to the air show at the Marine Corps base, so look for more pictures! Buenos Noches!

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