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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The North Shore and Shave Ice

Hello everyone! Today Kevin and I got up early (for a Saturday haha) and since the Buckeye game wasnt being televised here, we decided to go to the North Shore of Oahu! First, the drive is around 45 minutes (from our hotel) but it is well worth it! The drive itself is beautiful, especially after you pass the Dole Plantation. Of course my crazy tourist self took some pictures!

We just stopped so I could snap a couple of pictures. We are going soon though!

Pinapples as far as the eye can see...this is my kinda farm yummo!

More pineapples :)

Hale'iwa is a town on the North Shore
It was a really nice drive :) Once you get into Hale'iwa, you drive through a cute little town and then hit the shoreline. We stopped twice...on the first stop, the shore line was really rocky and not really a place to lay out, but I took some pictures anyway and Im glad I did! Kevin noticed some sea turtles swimming right near the beach so I took a couple pictures!

if you look close you can see one right under the water

I love this picture. There were at least 4 turtles in the wave and in the background you can see surfers also!
Those sea turtles were awesome! I hope to get more up close pictures of them in the future :) After we watched the turtles for awhile we kept going down the beach until we found a good spot to lay out the towels.

Cheesin' as usual :)
We couldnt go out too far because of dangerous rip

Shadow of my honey <3

A nod to my Movi girls in Virginia!
We spent a couple hours out on the beach but after awhile, we decided to head back. We decided to make a pit stop along the way at a place called Matsumoto Shave Ice. Now, in addition to Spam (I know,why?) the locals love love love shave ice. Its kind of like a sno-cone but made differently and often has ice cream, beans, or both at the bottom! I heard that Matsumoto was the best, so we stopped in. It was goooooooood!!! I had pineapple, banana, and strawberry flavored shave ice with ice cream at the bottom and Kevin had watermelon flavor. If youre ever @ the North Shore, youve gotta try this place, its yummy! Once we got back to the hotel, we changed and had Korean food for lunch. After that I was done haha. I took a nap and have just been relaxing with Kevin and our babies all afternoon. Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the 4 Wheel Parts store. Kevin is really excited because he orders from them all of the time for his jeep. More tomorrow!

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