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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Online shopping and some fun questions

Man, I am so glad I get my car tomorrow morning!!! Today I spent most of the morning checking out the clearance section of Target and other stores! While I enjoyed it thoroughly, I got bored after awhile. I decided that in the afternoon hours I would head to the pool and lay out for a bit. So I got ready and put my swimsuit on, even charged up my phone so I could listen to satellite radio while laying out. I grabbed my towel and headed over to the pool. When I got there I quickly realized it was overcast!!! Apparently it had been raining all day too according to Kevin. Silly me didnt look out the hotel window all day because I just assumed it would be nice. Ive been spoiled by Hawaii weather already haha. So with my head hung low, I went back to the hotel room. Thankfully Kevin got off work shortly after so that was awesome!

Today I was tagged to answer a few questions by a fellow Army Wife by the name of Chantal over at A Blog A Day While Youre Away. The rules: Answer the questions, come up with your own 8, tag some more people to continue!

Here they are!

1. If you could be on a reality TV show, which would it be? Why?

I would have to say The Amazing Race! It would be really cool to travel the world and learn a ton of new cultures! Plus, who wouldnt think it was awesome to travel across France in an air balloon?? My race partner would be Kevin obviously and we would kick some butt, just in case you were wondering ;)

2. Do you like your name?
You know, I really didnt like it too much growing up, and when Forrest Gump came out (I was a teenager), it got worse because everyone called me "Jen-nayyyy". When I got older, it didnt bug me as much and certain people actually call me Jenny now. My grandfather named me and Jennifer happened to be his favorite name. Funny, because he was one of my favorite people!! After he passed away, I really started being more proud of my name, so thanks Grandad!! :)

3. Describe your dream vacation.
Well, we just started our 3 year tour in Hawaii, and this place is pretty nice!! Really though, anywhere with Kevin is a good enough vacation for me :) A European vacation would be cool though--(fingers crossed) C'mon orders to Germany!!!

4. Do you have names for your future children?
Paco and Gertrude! Haha just kidding (not that theres anything wrong with those names, theyre just not our fave)
If we have a boy, Kevin wants to carry on the family tradition. So his name will be Kevin Eli the third!
If we have a girl, I like Emma Jane. Emma because I really like that name, and Jane after my awesome late grandma! Kevin doesnt like Emma too much, but I told him Jane has to stay!

5. What's your dream career?
Well, I love history, especially the time period of 1900-1960, so I wouldnt mind working in a museum that focuses on the pop culture of that era. It fascinates me :)

6. Who's on your list? (You know, the list of celebrities that you can, you know... no harm done)
Oh my... lets see:
Wentworth Miller
Jason Statham- Rowrrrrr!!
Matt Damon-
Taylor Lautner- Hey, he's legal now ;)

7. Do you like where you live?
I do now!! Virginia is where I grew up, and my family is there, so I like it to an extent.... but it cant beat Hawaii weather!! I have a feeling Im going to love living here :)

8. What's your favorite color? Why?
I have to pick just one?? Hmm... Well, I like pink, purple, and blue. No reason really, those are the colors my eyes just gravitate to first. I also like lighter versions of yellow, because they can brighten any room instantly!

Now Ive got to come up with some questions of my own!

1. Pick 3 things you would want to be stranded on a desert island with. Why?
2. How did you and your spouse/Significant Other meet?
3. Where is your ideal place to retire?
4. What is your favorite TV show and why?
5. Who is your favorite sports team? Why do ya love 'em so much?
6. If you could trade places with anyone on this earth (past or present), who would it be and why?
7. Tell us about your craziest funniest family moment.
8. Do you have anything that you collect?

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