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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sorry my posts have been so dull lately...I havent been doing much of anything since Kevin has to work and I dont have my car yet! Today I decided to go to the pool early so that I could swim a few laps. Well when I got there, there were 2 families with several children in the pool, so swimming was a no go for me so I talked to my BFF for awhile and tinkered around on the internet. Kevin had to work almost a full day today, so when he got home he was pretty tired and didnt want to do anything. I did convince him to hang out at the pool with me for about 30 minutes (I tried to go swimming again, but there were more people and I didnt want to be dodging people to do laps). Perhaps I will try again tomorrow after Im done handling some business on post :) I really want to go swimming and I feel crappy for not working out for the last month. All of that hard work and weight loss seems like its starting to be for nothing. Man I cant wait to get my car (have I said that before?) so I can go to the gym (a real gym-not a workout room with a treadmill and a little exercise station) again! After my business on post tomorrow, I will try and get Kevin to go to the gym with me (if I decide not to go swimming). Hopefully I can write of more interesting adventures tomorrow haha. Night!!

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