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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump Day Happenings

Not much happened today (sorry). Kevin got off work even earlier today (his unit just got back from downrange and their stuff hasnt arrived back to post yet), and he wanted  to go to the beach again today to test out our new swim goggles we bought yesterday. On the way to the beach, we went on the lookout for some beach chairs! Easy right? Kinda. We looked for them last week and couldnt find them. Today after looking in 3 different stores, we decided to go to the garden center and finally found them :) Kevin bought a chair and I bought a big mat. I didnt buy a chair because my pink lawn chair is coming in  a few weeks! Anyways, we headed out to the beach and did some swimming. I was bummed because the goggles I bought were tinted, so I couldnt see a thing! I think they are for use in a pool or something. Oh well, we are getting snorkel sets soon and I will just use my tinted goggles in the pool :) After tanning awhile, we came back to the hotel. So here we sit haha. I really cant wait until we get our new house and our things, so I have something to do. Plus once we are settled, I cant wait to meet new people! Not that I dont LOVE hanging with Kevin, because I do :) Im just excited to make new friends! Oh, and one more week till I get my car! Then I can go places during the day, yay!!! Hope all of you are having a great week so far! Buenos Noches!

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