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Thursday, September 9, 2010

And the adventure begins...

On my other blog I said I wouldnt be posting on this one until tomorrow, but I decided I would write a few words. I got up at 4am this morning...Eastern time. As I write this it is 12am Sept 10th Eastern. Yeah, I am tired beyond belief. We flew out of Norfolk at 745am but before we did I had to say goodbye to my mom,brother,stepdad, Mia and Wyatt. Wyatt was crying in his kennel and it just broke my heart. The cats had to fly on a seperate carrier so I cant get them until tomorrow morning because the animal processing facility isnt open past 430 and they literally should have landed moments ago. So at 8am sharp tomorrow morning Kevin and I will pick them up.
  The flight to Chicago wasnt bad, I almost hyperventilated on take-off but Kevin just held my hand and it was okay. On that flight I got a window seat :) When we got to Chicago, we had to walk clear across the airport and couldnt stop for coffee or food...ugh we were starving. During the flight from Chicago to Honolulu, not only did I not get a window seat, we were in the center of the center aisle...grrr I wanted some above land pictures... However when we got here and got our bags I ran outside and snapped the first thing I saw coming out of the airport. Tourist alert haha

So we are here. We made it safely, finally got some real food, and have showered. Now its bedtime! Will write more tomorrow. Sorry for my incoherent babbling-Im tired!!

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