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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday :)

Yesterday when I posted I mentioned that we would be going to the 4 Wheel Parts store here on the island. Well, after I posted, Kevin was looking at their site and noticed that theyre closed on Sundays...grrrr. I feel bad because I know how much he has wanted to go since we arrived here, we kinda need to go now because of the inspection problems with the Jeep, and we totally could have gone yesterday if I didnt fall asleep. Well, now we know their hours so we will go sometime this week!
Today was mostly uneventful, we dropped by the NEX to see if I could find any shorts since I still havent gotten anything but one pair since we got here. No luck as usual haha. We also rounded up the laundry and decided to go to the laundromat on base since its cheaper! I was mad at myself because we had so much laundry, plus Kevins uniforms,due to me procrastinating on it all week! Ugh, laundry is my least favorite chore other than doing dishes and cleaning the bathroom! We got the laundry done, then stopped by the grocery store to pick up some stuff. We have to pick up only a little at a time because we have this teeeeeeny tiny refrigerator in our room and a microwave so we are limited on the types of food we can buy. We are doing pretty good at eating healthy too, despite the circumstances! Oh, tonight we finally ventured over to the workout room and I got a great workout in! It felt so nice to exercise after not really doing so for more than 3 weeks!
Tomorrow Kevin is back to work, so yours truly is just going to hang around the hotel, watch a few movies, hang out with my kitties, and maybe go swimming :) It may not be an eventful day, but we will see what happens!

*I know my mom reads this every day, so Im going to give her a shoutout... I love you mom!! ((big hug))

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