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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A little shopping and our first trip to Pearl Harbor

I hope everyone is enjoying our adventures so far!!
So today Kevin and I realized that we only own like 3 good fitting pairs of shorts between the 2 of us. Yeah, I know, I knew we were coming to a tropical island like 8 months ago and made no wardrobe preparations. Feel free to laugh. Anyways, we decided to do a little shopping to buy some new shorts. If any of you really knows us, we hate clothes shopping. Its mostly because we are really indecisive and take a long time to pick something out. Kevin got a new pair of board shorts and a new pair of cargo shorts. Me? Nada. There wasnt a good enough selection and I couldnt make up my mind anyway. Plus Im like in between sizes, which frustrates me to no end. I did see some really cute bikinis though and I will be back sometime this week when I have the extra hours to peruse the aisles! Afterwards we finally found a scratchy pad for Mia (she was thrilled to receive it too) and went back to the hotel to rest up a bit.
  After a couple hours, we decided to do an afternoon tour of Pearl Harbor. If you ever come to Hawaii, this should be on your to do list! The memorials are beautiful and you can just feel the history saturating the air. Since we arrived about 20 minutes to 3, we had to hurry down to the ferry pier to catch the boat out to the USS Arizona Memorial. This was our main reason for the visit today! A few pictures of our afternoon in Pearl Harbor (Tourist alert--lots of pictures ahead! haha)


Waiting for the boat to take us out to the Arizona Memorial

View from the pier

Floating Hospital

Coming up to the Memorial

Flags on either side-Just inside

Parts of the Arizona still stick out of the water

Looking down the viewing well- over 1000 men are still entombed within the ship

It was hard not to tear up in here...look at all of those names, such a sad day in our Nations history. The wreath banner says "You are not forgotten"

Beautiful view from inside the memorial

View of the mountains from Ford Island

Flowers are tossed in memory of those who gave their lives on this horrible day

Sorry for all of the pics haha. Kevin and I really enjoyed going to Pearl Harbor this afternoon, but because we made it such a late trip, there were alot of other exhibits we had to save for another time. We plan on going again in the near future though!! On December 7th, they are opening a new building at the Pearl Harbor memorial sites! Kevin and I will definitely be attending that event!
After Pearl Harbor we came back to the hotel and are having a relaxing evening with our kitties. Tomorrow Kevin has to go back to work, so I forsee an uneventful day for me haha. Goodnight all! :)

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