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Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF everyone!

Today I got to meet my primary care doctor. What was only supposed to be a 15 minute appointment, ended up being several hours. I know, wait time is common in the military world, but the majority of our time was spent talking to the doctor. She was very thorough and asked me more questions than any of my PCM's ever have! I actually liked that because she was able to give advice on follow ups and things like that! She was really cool...until she told me I should get a flu shot. Ugh, its not the needle or shot itself that I worry about. I just didnt want to waste a flu shot when I literally never get sick. I think that the last time I was sick and it actually affected my daily life was when  I was 12. Plus they told me that the flu shot usually gives you mild flu symptoms for like 2 days so the cons outweighed the pros. I didnt get the shot just so you know. I did however, pick up my prescriptions and made a couple more doc appts. Lots of x-rays coming soon, yay for me.
After the doc, Kevin was originally going to go back to work since they get off at noon on Fridays (um, awesome!)He needed to pick up uniform pants, and normally I wouldnt mention something like this, but the lady in the clothing sales store was rude. Kevin asked her a simple question and she responded as if he was wasting her time and asked her something stupid. In my 14 years of customer service experience, I have never seen someone be so nasty, and especially to a Soldier!! I kept my cool, only because there was an officer standing behind Kevin and I and I know to hold my tongue when I need to. Thats the only thing that kept me from asking for a manager and givin this lady some much needed feedback. It really got under my skin, because there are alot of military spouses out there that are looking for work, and they hire this dummy. Ughh
This afternoon I finally got to go swimming in the pool yay! It might sound stupid but Ive wanted to go swimming for like the last 2 days! We hit up Chilis for dinner and are just relaxing for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow, we are going back to Zales to have them make my rings just a little smaller ( I hate the loose feeling when my hands are cold--and my hands are most always cold haha) and the plan is to go to Waikiki in the afternoon. I know, Finally!! I got some great advice from a fellow army spouse to park at the military hotel, so now we dont have to find a spot! Thanks Chantal!! :)
Well, its pretty late, so Im going to bed! More tomorrow!!

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