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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I missed my car!

This morning I was able to get my beloved car back! Once we got there I looked in the trunk, knowing that there should have been stuff in it, and the only thing was the box they packed up at the origin location. Well, they never opened the trunk during the inspection, because if they did, they would have seen my little baseball buddy. Its a stuffed baseball that has always been in my car since I bought my first car in 2000 (For those of you that know me, you know Im a huge baseball fan). I consider him a good luck charm and he always sits on my dash. Well, my little guy wasnt in there. I was pretty upset, and I know it sounds petty but it had sentimental value to me. Im just miffed that they didnt call me when they did finally open the trunk and be like "Hey we have some more of your stuff, is there anywhere we can send it?" I would have gladly gave them my moms address. Just bums me out because they made me fill out a claims form--I dont want money, I want my good luck charm back in my car where he should be!! Ugh, thanks for letting me vent, I feel better :)
Anyways, more good news today!! About a week after we arrived on island, the moving company called and said our 1st smaller shipment had arrived on island...great, at least we will definitely have stuff when we get a house! Well, today the moving company responsible for our big shipment (you know, the important stuff like my food steamer, the bed, the couch, the TV, my hot pink lawn chairs for the beach, and according to Kevin the PS3 and XBox360 hehe) called and said our stuff is on island and asked what would be a good time for it to be delivered!!! I, with a very sad voice I might add, had to tell the nice lady thank you for getting it here early but we still didnt have a house so we cant have it delivered yet :( Its okay though, because when we do get offered a house, we can now schedule everything to be delivered on move in day!!! YAY!!! Hopefully we get to take a look at a home this next week :)
Other than that, I went on post today to try and get my car inspected, but the dude said that he was understaffed and couldnt do it till late. So I decided to cruise on up there tomorrow at open to get it done. Then its off to the DMV, where I will get new plates. Let me just add that I JUST renewed my plates for VA but Kevin says they stick out like a sore thumb and asked me to switch to Hawaii plates. Annoying, but I compromised....Im getting them personalized hehe. At least I can keep my VA license *sigh*. So there will be some fun and adventure for me tomorrow for sure, so stick around. Ive got my car back, and Ive been known to get lost in my hometown, so tomorrow should be fun ;)

One more thing--I have created a Shutterfly account and have added some pictures from Hawaii up there! I will also be adding other pictures soon including some of our wedding photos, trips, etc!
Hope you guys enjoy!!

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