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Friday, October 1, 2010

Furlough Friday

Ah yes, I have a feeling that "Furlough Friday" will be a good thing and a bad thing. Furlough Friday basically means you have the day off. From what I understand, the state is cutting back on things. Well, the DMV is a participant. Good for them, bad for me. I wanted to get my registration taken care of so I could finish the safety inspection process. Yes its a process here. First, I get the car inspected by the guy at the auto skills shop. Then, he gives me a paper to take to the DMV. Then, the DMV gives me another paper proving that I registered my car with the state to take back to Auto Skills shop guy , where he applies the inspection sticker. Does anyone else feel like a tennis ball?? So of course after my car was inspected, the guy gave me the paper then told me that the DMV was closed due to furlough Friday. So Monday it is then! Oh, and Furlough Friday can be a good thing--if I get a job where they participate in furlough Friday, guess who gets three day weekends--this gal =)
On the plus side, Kevin had a half day today and got off work at noon! We went to the store and picked up some stuff for my mom's birthday and for my ex sis in laws birthday (we are still really good friends) as well as some souvenirs and such for my neice!
I really wanted to swim after we got all of our stuff done. I was kinda bummed that for the past 3 days its been raining. Overcast and rainy. Boo. Eh no worries though--we are going snorkeling tomorrow at Hanauma Bay, yay!!! I havent been snorkeling in like 6 years, and Kevin has never been so Im really excited!! We bought some snorkel gear the other day, so we are ready! I will be taking lots of pictures as well =)

On a side note, I reeeeeaaallly wanted to go to the Daughtry concert tonight but we got back to the hotel too late so we couldnt go :( Ah well maybe next time =) Night y'all!

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