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Friday, October 8, 2010

Moving Day- Part 2

All of our stuff is here, yay!!! Im happy to report only one thing was broken badly and 2 things were chipped (they were both wooden). The only thing that was broken was the mirror that goes to my dresser, which is easily replaced. Everything else made it just fine (so far--Im not done unpacking yet. I will report better on this topic tomorrow). Ive got about 3/4 of the kitchen unpacked though! There is so much space, Im on cloud nine *sigh*. The major things like the TV's, the couch, the big furniture pieces, the game systems, the sound system, etc. made it okay! The first shipment (the one that we sent early) and our big shipment arrived literally within 5 minutes of each other haha. As in, first shipment guys were off loading and big shipment guys showed up. Kevin and I spent much of the afternoon sorting boxes and getting the entertainment center hooked up. Our cable is wired and hooked up as well! We dont get all of our channels yet, but we will once the cable guy drops the equipment off on Wednesday, and I dont mind because we still have like 74 channels to choose from right now.
Another cool thing is that I was finally able to cook a decent meal in our new kitchen tonight! Its cool to me because Kevin and I have been resteraunt nomads for the last month. It was nice to have food that didnt cost us 50 bucks! I made roasted whole chicken, corn and roasted potatoes. It was deeeee licious! Im amazed at all of the counter space I have. Its nice to have alot of room to prepare meals.
Im also grateful that our bed is set up because I didnt sleep well on the floor last night (stupid hip and back...grrr....) and I am exhausted! Plus I have been on my feet literally alllll day. So Im going to head up to the shower and take myself an 8 to 10 hour nap. Lots more tomorrow as I unpack the rest of our house (does anyone else feel like its Christmas when the HHG come? I do hehe.) Until tomorrow, amigos!

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