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Monday, October 18, 2010


Today was productive, but uneventful. I got up this morning and started my day by making out a list of things I needed to get done. The laundry is almost done (minus a smaaaaaallll load of whites), I did my shopping, cleaned the house, made dinner, and managed to get some relaxation time in this evening! I also picked up the stuff to sand down and stain an old desk of mine! Im excited to get started on that project :) I decided not to go to the gym this evening, because I really wanted to get the laundry done and the house cleaned. Plus I was out a little more than I wanted to be this afternoon (oops!). I know, excuses, excuses! Gah, I really am going to get back into my gym routine, I promise!! Somehow, Ive lost 3lbs in the last week though!! I will say Ive busted my tail to eat healthy during this whole move process, so that may be why I really havent gained :)
Tomorrow Im going to try and find a great craft store that sells scrapbooking supplies. Ive been wanting to do a wedding scrapbook as well as a scrapbook for our time in Hawaii, so wish me luck at finding some good stuff!! I may actually make it to the gym tomorrow too, double wish me luck on that haha ;)
Either way, I refuse to sleep in any longer!!! I told Kevin to wake me up at any cost tomorrow morning when he does :) Hope everyone has a great week!!

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