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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moving day-Part 1

Im writing this blog from inside our new home :) Today was a long day, filled with alot of things to do and quite a bit of money spent. After we checked out of the hotel, we headed straight to post. On the way, Wyatt got sick in the car, poor little dude :( Once we picked up the keys, we headed over and unloaded the cars. Then we decided that today would be a good day to go to the commissary, since I will have my cookware tomorrow!! We spent like 3 times what we normally spend there, and still didnt get everything we wanted. But we are stocked up and we have got food!! After that we headed down to Wally World and bought some household essentials. I was going to roast a chicken in the oven tonight for dinner, but after shopping all afternoon I was beat. So we dropped by McDonalds to grab dinner. Side note: this will be the last fast food I eat for at least 6 months! Gym routine starts back up Monday at the latest! Tomorrow the people come to deliver our stuff--yay!!! So after this weekend, we should be all moved in :) I took some more pics of our home, as promised.

Coming in the door

View of the living room from the kitchen

Downstairs half bath

1st spare bedroom

2nd spare bedroom

spare bath

Master bath

Master BR

Upstairs hall closet

Linen closet upstairs

Looking down into the great room

Home sweet home :)

side yard--those pipes on the ground will be removed soon. Theyre just there to help the grass grow in

So there it is, our new house! Kevin and I are really pleased and cant wait to get unpacked and make this our home :) We didnt get to attent Kevins company's Org day but we kept busy today anyway! More tomorrow after the movers deliver our stuff. I am stoked to be able to sleep in our bed again! Night yall!

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