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Thursday, October 14, 2010

No parking for Zumba, Fire on post?

I got up early today!! I even got up in time to eat breakfast, get ready, and head to the gym for zumba yay!! Kinda. I made it to the gym alright, but there was no parking!! Anywhere!! Plus there were 3 or 4 other cars in front of me that were waiting for parking. I knew I wasnt going to make it to class on time, so I just decided to go home instead and get cracking on some of the boxes downstairs. It actually worked out, because I found my iHome player early on, and I was able to jam out while putting some of the house together :) I think I may try to make group cycling class tomorrow morning though!! When Kevin came home for lunch, he told me that we were invited to go camping up at Peacock Flats this weekend! We love camping, so thats where we will be headed after Kevin gets off of work tomorrow (the guys only have a half day). Kevin actually got off of work early today also, so we headed down to the store for some camping stuff and groceries. On the way, I noticed that something was on fire on what looked like a part of post. Kevin said it was a brush fire and had been blazing all day. I was in the house all day, so I didnt notice it. The smoke looked like it was coming from a housing area, I just hope no one was hurt!
After shopping we grabbed some chinese food (yum) and headed on home. For some reason Im pretty tired (maybe from all of that running up and down the stairs with boxes...) so Im going to jump in the shower and make a date with my pillow!! I may blog really early tomorrow if I have trouble blogging from my phone, as we will be camping tomorrow night. Goodnight all! :)

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  1. The fire was coming from the ranges, luckily! Hey, there's parking behind the gym too. Did you check there?