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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The workout routine has started!!

Yay!! So I finally got back in the gym this morning! And I made it before 830am too! Too bad I was on the phone with the stupid bank and the hotel we stayed at before we got housing so it was more like quarter til 9 before I got in there >:( That hotel really made me angry. See, they took out DOUBLE what they were supposed to from our account. Then they dilly dallyed around getting it re-credited. Thankfully, the bank was more helpful than the hotel, so we have our money back :)
The only bummer is that I made it in time for group cycling (which I really wanted to try), but I had to call the bank back at 9, so I didnt want to just leave class. Plus, the instructor totally plays 80's music :D I did get a fabulous workout in though!! Other than that, it was a productive day!! I broke down all of the boxes we had on the back porch, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, and got started on refinishing an old desk we have. Im not sure I bought the right sandpaper for it though, so off to lowes I go tomorrow!!
After a wonderful chili dinner prepared by awesome husband, Im exhausted---Ive gotta get used to waking up early again :P Gym again in the am tomorrow! Night all :)

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  1. Hey, I go to cycling on Tuesdays! I was there. :D