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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


What a challenging day! First off, it was raining with gray skies all day long. What a mood buster! Plus side to that: I saw like 8 different rainbows today! The day started off early--Kevin had a doctor appointment at Tripler this morning and I went with him. It took us 35 minutes to get off post and we live walking distance to the gate. Then, when we finally get to Tripler, we discovered for ourselves what everyone gripes about... the parking! This parking will drive the most sane person to looney land! The building is like 7 floors and the parking lot is smaller than Wal-Marts. Yeah, it will make you pull your hair out. When we finally got a parking spot (at the bottom of the hill), the rain pouring down. Yay! So by the time we got in the building, we were both soaked to the bone.....lame. Thank goodness it didnt take us long to find our department!
Now for the challenging part-- after speaking to the doctor, we learned that Kevin will have to have surgery soon. This is a surgery he has had before, but this time they will be taking out the rest of his para thyroid glands in his neck. Unfortunately, it is a necessary surgery, and according to the doctor, it will be fairly soon. He has to undergo alot of tests between now and the actual surgery, so the next few months will be extremely busy for us! Plus, if we cannot find a good enough doctor on island, we may be traveling to Maryland for the surgery. Im really worried and scared for him :( I will keep you all updated on this particular situation as it develops.
I myself was supposed to have a doctor appt this afternoon, but I kind of had to reschedule it (TMI as to why...lets just say its a girl thing). I did get the grocery store run done this afternoon though!! Tomorrow will hopefully be better, I plan to go to the gym in the morning and organize some more stuff in the house! Good night folks!

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  1. Wow! I hope your husband will be ok! I hate Tripler too, though... I've been there several times for appointments, both mine and my husbands, and it drives me nuts every time.